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    I think I'm being screwed over

    Question, by all means, I should have been MEB’d by now for a number of issues as the regs state that I should have over a year ago. I believe that a number of people at my clinic and in my Squadron are playing games to deny me of any post-military benefits. Recently, when I left an in-patient...
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    Schizoid ratings

    Hello all, Recently I was diagnosed with Schizoid type A personality disorder. This has shown up in my live in conjunction with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I understand that this is not rated by the VA. Can anyone help me with what this looks like? I don't think that the AF will...
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    Pre-MEB Question(s)

    Hello all, Backstory: Over the past several years, I have been struggling with what is now diagnosed as PTSD. I am still active duty, and am expecting to deploy shortly. However, I have had a reemergence of symptoms and will likely need to change meds. While I was supposed to...
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    Mental Health MEB?

    Hi, Several years after I got back from Afghanistan, I had a reemergence of some mental health symptoms. Because the wonderful mental health folks at my base are worthless, I am being treated at a base down the road. Over the last year or so, my symptoms and quality of life have continued to...
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