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    TDRL & MDD/Bipolar

    Hello all, I have been on TDRL for nearly 3 years now with an unfitting condition of major depressive disorder recurrent currently rated at 30% (50% VA). I just received notification to schedule my second TDRL evaluation although it turns out I'm not due for another 6 months. But even so it...
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    TDRL Re-evaluation - mental health

    Hello all, I'll just give the rundown on % and diagnoses right now to get that out of the way. 6 years enlisted in the Navy. 30% TDRL for major depressive disorder - recurrent, discharged 1/13. 70% overall VA, 50% Bi-polar NOS, agoraphobia with panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, and...
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    Rating reconsideration

    Has anyone requested a rating reconsideration lately? I just signed my request for one today and am wondering how long it may take. I am wondering in particular becauseI have been told once the reconsideration is done it will get finalized and a date for seperation will be selected without my...
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    NMCP PEB Timeline Major Depressive Disorder

    I just thought I would start a thread of my timeline as I haven't seen too many timelines for mental health issues. My referred condition is Major Depressive Disorder - recurrent EPTS SA. I also have about half a dozen other claims. Nothing of much significance and nothing life threatening...
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