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    BDD question

    So, I'm in a med board right now and am a little confused about the process. I'm stationed in california right now, but plan on moving back to oregon after my discharge. Can I start the BDD here in california and just have it moved to an oregon VA office once I move, Or do I have to wait until I...
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    Hey guys, Just wondering how accurate the DAV rep usually is. He told me "100% no questions", but I'm kind of not taking that as gospel until I file with VA.
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    Current Med-Board

    Well, I'm currently in a medical board for multiple injuries, mostly a fusion to my right wrist (dominant, and typing this isn't much fun for me right now). I'm on my second NARSUM, signed around 2-3 month's ago, and haven't even received an email stating that anyone has received my packet or...
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