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    Promotion to E-9 upon medical retirement

    Hello all. Question for the masses. I understand USC dictates if someone is on a promotion list and they are retired for medical reasons, they will be promoted to the grade they are on the list for. I am in the NG, and have just started the long MEB/PEB process. My buddy is at the end of his...
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    PTSD LOD through NGB

    Greetings all! I have been referred to the MEB for various spine and joint issues, as well as apnea and PTSD. I have approved LOD's for all except PTSD. I received a VA rating of 50% for PTSD in 2010. At the time I told nobody about the diagnosis, nor did I ever draw compensation. I didn't...
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    NG Title 32 ADOS with LOD's but not being kept on orders

    Looking for guidance from those who may have experienced similar things. BLUF: I'm 23 years in, with about 12 years AFS. Have been on ADOS Title 32 502f orders since January 2010. I have incurred new injuries and aggravated old ones while on ADOS, and have 3 approved LOD's, with 2 more...
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    23 Years Guard service, on ADOS orders with LOD's....medical retirement?

    Question: I have 23 good years for retirement, with about 11 years AD time. I'm rated 80% VA (haven't drawn any) and have been on ADOS for approximately 9 years now. My medical conditions are getting to the point I'm not able to keep up the way I should. Being evaluated for sleep apnea soon...
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