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  1. Samantha sale

    Just got my permanent retirement after being on TDRL confused???

    I have been on TDRL for about a year and went up for my re eval. My results came in the mail and they decided to permanently retire me. I was expecting this but they did it at 30%. When I was placed on TDRL I was placed at 50% for PTSD. Through the VA I am 80% for PTSD, gastritis, and feet...
  2. Samantha sale

    Meb out of charleston and so lost!help!!!

    I was notified in January I would be going through a meb. Long story but my package was finally sent to afpc on July 17th 2012. I know it's only been there almost a month but by reading the post on here it looks like I should know if I'm fit or unfit for duty pretty soon. When I talk to my peblo...
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