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    Should I file?

    Good afternoon, When I was originally discharged I was rated for a traumatic brain injury that caused chronic daily migraines. Before I was discharged they did a sleep study and found me to be "borderline" but said I did not have apnea. Now here we are 14+ years later and the VA has since...
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    Are you a GS Civilian that went through PDBR and got upgraded to Retired?

    When a veteran starts working for DoD their civilian leave is calculated based on how many years they served active duty. However, if a retiree starts the same job their years in the service are not used for this calculation. My question is for anyone that started DoD Civil Service as a...
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    PDBR Questions

    Okay, I finally get to have by Survivor Benefits meeting tomorrow :) I just got an email saying I had documents available to download, so I got them and they have information but raised questions. Hopefully I will get answers tomorrow, but I am hoping some of you knowledgeable people may be...
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    Results are in! Now what?

    I received my results in early June and the letter I received was dated early May. I have read several posts that give indication of how long it takes to get an updated DD214 and retirement orders, but they were all Army. Anyone in here from the Air Force side that can tell me how long it took...
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