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    Holloman timeline

    I just received my orders today, My MEB started May 2012 i received my orders today...
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    Eglin Timeline

    Congrat's brother. Are package had approx the same timelines... Just FYI, I called my case manager yesterday he mentioned I should have my orders by next week. Best wishes GOD bless you.
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    Placed on PDRL 40% AF & 80% What now!!!

    USAFAVIATOR, Did the local MPF cut your orders or did they come AFPC? Thanks again, gald to see everything worked out for you... GS-14!!!! Best wishes...
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    SSDI Approval

    Hi, congrats on your SSDI. Did you get it approved your first time? Again congrats.
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    Placed on PDRL 40% AF & 80% What now!!!

    Does anyone know how long it's taken AFPC to cut orders... I requested a Apr 30 retirement date, taken about 35 days of terminal and permissive... anyone with some info.. thanks
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    Eglin Timeline

    behiftball, Update, just got my package today. 40% AF PDRL & 80% VA!!! I will sign tomorrow... Good Luck, it's a true blessing to be done and now with a clear view of the future.
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    Pretty good pace so far...

    after 3 1/2 months the VA finally completed my ratings, according to AFPC I'll have my package next week to be briefed. 40% af & 80 va. Question... How soon can I apply for IU? I must wait until my retirement date or can I apply as early as next week... Any info would be greatly appreciated...
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    Eglin Timeline

    Thanks, I will keep keep that in mind. My PEBLO is out this week, I have to wait until next week according to AFPC i'll have my package by tuesday. I'm hoping for PDTRL an as soon as I get my ratings "i will check into applying for IU". Thanks for the info, best of wishes, thanks for your service.
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    life after PDRL....

    grizz, as I was reading thru this message. As always great info. I will send you a message, any copies of resumes I can get woud be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Eglin Timeline

    Thanks, I just got them from my PEBLO. 40% AF & 80% VA, I was told by the case manager at AFPC I should have my case back by the end of this week, early next week. Now, all that remains is to hope for PDRL. Have you figured out the pay yet? Take care, best of luck.
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    Holloman timeline

    LMAY, my timeline for ratings from RI, VA. Is package sent on 7 November, ratings sent back to AFPC 24 January, almost 3 months... I think this is the new average, that seems to be the trend latetly. Good Luck.
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    Eglin Timeline

    Congrat's!!! My ratings were also completed on 24 January. Our package was sent around the same time frame. I don't have my ratings yet... Did you get them from your PEBLO? I'm also going in for back ralated injuries, best of luck. God Bless you...
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    Holloman timeline

    I feel your pain. I say we need to start making a big deal out of this... How can we start planning for a life after the military if we have no date in site... at the end they give you 60 to 90 days, and you gone... I agree this process is faster than the old legacy program but... still lot's...
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    Holloman timeline

    LMAY, stay focus and stay on top of your PEBLO and MSC. The VA has had my pacakge since 7 Nov, 2012. According to my PEBLO it's 60 days overdue. That being said. You can't go by other cases as each case is unique. I was planning on being done with the military towards the end of January, NOW. I...
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    Hurlburt Timeline

    How did you get your retirement date? As far I know your pacakge needs to be found unfit by AFPC then forwarded to VA for preliminary ratings, then it goes back to AFPC for disposition. I've been going thru this process since May, still no preliminary ratings. Who gave you this timeline. I think...
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    Question on VA timeline

    My package was sent for prelimanry ratings 5 Nov 12. I have yet to hear anything back. A good number to call is 1800-827-1000 opt 0,0,1 or 1,2,3,10. Good Luck and try and not lose your mind while waiting it's hard put not much anyone can do for you at this point besides wait it out.
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    Looking for Insight

    You must have completed your C&P exams before your package goes to AFPC. If found unfit AFPC forwards your package to VA for preliminary ratings. That's how it should work. I would seek advice, soon or you might be getting the round around from your PEBLO. Let me know if I can be of any more...
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    Eglin Timeline

    You can call the VA 1800-827-1000 OPTION 0,0,1 OR 1,2,3,1,0. Good Luck.
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    AF IPEB timeline

    Congrats!!! How did you find out the date the VA started rating your claim? Hope all works out well for your, Merry Christmas and GOD Bless You!!
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    Does anyone know how long final stage of PEB takes?

    Scott, have you had your PEBLO contact your case manager. Or had your CC call AFPC directly, your wait doesn't seem normal, your package might have gotten misplaced. I have my CC call my case manager. I recommend calling your case manager to ensure someone is tracking your at least every two...
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