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    Results back from IPEB -- DES

    Well folks, my results have come back...only a mere 4 weeks of my initial notification of being found unfit. I received a rating of 70% (TDRL) for my PTSD and Depression from the Army VA gave me 10% for a few things and 50% for Asthma/Sleep Apnea with CPAP, which along with the PTSD gave me a...
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    Preliminary Findings Back

    I was boarded for PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, Moderate Recurrent, Lumbago and Asthma. Just got a phone call form my PEBLO. I was found unfit for duty for the PTSD and MDD and fit for duty for the Asthma (10 year history) and Low back pain, Lumbago. My PEBLO said it will be about 2 weeks...
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    SFC Results: CBWTU

    Hello all... I am CBWTU and currently locked out of my AKO account. Until I can get to the nearby post to unlock my CAC and AKO, I cannot access the HRC webpage to get the SFC Board Results that came out today. Can anyone help and make a post with an excel spreadsheet? I'm specifically...
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