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  1. Ifly64s

    Currently CW2 but was Captain

    I reverted from a Captain in August of 2007 to be a CW2. How will I make sure that I retire as a Captain? My PEBLO says that I should have asked BEFORE my PEB. My VA ratings are at the PEB and I'm awaiting their 199. I thought fin ace would choose my grade based on high 36 rule???
  2. Ifly64s

    SCARNG PEB Complete, packet at VA for rating

    My journey started May 2, 2010 with a helicopter crash. I sustained a TBI. After navigating all the hundreds of "trout looks" from all people involved, I finally drove my way through the NG bureau with three LODs in hand. After VA exams and multiple appeals of my MEB, my packet in the IDES...
  3. Ifly64s

    MEB Repeal Dropped existing UNFIT condition

    Hi All, My JAG just called. Not only did the MEB deny my appeal, they dropped one of my two existing UNFIT conditions. The JAG told me that the MEB Doctors were openly mocking my case during a monthly JAG / MEB meeting. One Dr was quoted as saying "he's got a good job, he can do something in...
  4. Ifly64s

    IMR Advice

    I just had my IMR and the Dr seemed very helpful and sounded like she agreed with my issues. I'm an Apache Pilot. I crashed due to mechanical problems killing my gunner and leaving me with a TBI. My original NARSUM addressed all but one of my conditions but they only found two unfitting...
  5. Ifly64s

    Reverted to a Warrant Officer

    I was a Captain on active duty for 7 years. I joined the national Guard and reverted to a CW2. I was on AT orders when my AH-64D Apache broke apart killing my gunner and leaving me with a TBI. I am permanently grounded so I am beginning the process of being medically retired. I have a combat...
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