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    TDRL to PDRL after first re-evaluation

    I was originally TDRL'ed in 2010 for MS and given a 40% rating for bladder issues. My TDRL re-evaluation was 29 months after my original retirement so they were a little behind with the re-evaluation. Time from re-evaluation to findings was about 4-5 weeks. When I went to my re-eval I took a...
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    1st TDRL Re-Evaluation Questions

    I have a few questions. I was placed on TDRL in August of 2010. Around 15 months passed and I started bugging AFPC for my re-evaluation. Well almost a year late I have my medical appointment scheduled tomorrow. I am currently on TDRL for Multiple Sclerosis and am rated at 40% for bladder issues...
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    Retirement Transition Questions

    I am retiring on Aug. 25th and have not received any transition help. I am at a National Guard base so we don't have a transition office to answer these questions. 1. Will Tricare automatically start if DEERS is correct? Is there paperwork needed? I am not near a military installation, so I...
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    Chap. 61 Sect 1201 question??

    If you have read my other posts, you know that I am a National Guardsman with a LOD in hand for Multiple Sclerosis. I am currently going through the pilot DES system at Andrews AFB. I just started the process and am trying to read Chapt. 61 to see if there is any way that they can not give me a...
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    JASON-Can you help me!

    I have posted a few times but I have not received any answers. I though you would be the best person to ask. I am a National Guardsman that enlisted in Oct. 2001. I have been on orders voluntarily a lot over my eight years with a combination of title 32 and title 10 orders. I have enough points...
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    How do they calculate INCAP pay for a Guard Bum???

    I just got my LOD approved for Multiple Sclerosis a few weeks ago but and orders extension was denied by the NGB. I was told I was entitled to INCAP pay. The problem is is that I don't have a civilian job. I made a living being activated in the guard(also know as guard bumming). I was activated...
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