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    PDA timeline question

    Hey guys, Quick question in regards to notification of retirement. Last week when the IDES dashboard was working it said the "PDA step" was completed on the 16th of September. I know that I am supposed to receive notification, counseling etc. in order to put in for orders, but as of yet I...
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    199 Question

    Quick question about my 199 form, hoping someone has some experience with it. I am an AGR Army with a 20 year letter going through the process. I submitted my 199 requesting a formal PEB My PEBLO emailed me saying I needed to make a selection on page 4 about either accepting severance, or...
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    FPEB question

    Hello all, I am sending my 199 back today requesting a FPEB. My goal for this is to add my radiculopathy to my DDD as an unfitting condition. The DOD gave me 10% for my back, while the VA added 10% for each leg for the radiculopathy. I am curious if anyone out there has had success in doing...
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    Rating in, advice please

    Hello all, Probably going to be a bit long, I am going to try to provide as much info to see what you guys think, sorry if I miss anything pertinent. Army MEB for lower back issues, 26 years total 16 reserve been on AD for last 7 years. My VA claim had about 15 issues claimed Everything came...
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    Got my NARSUM, have a question

    Hello all, Going through a MEB with the Army. Got my Narsum the other day, and spoke with Jag today. I have a total of 15 conditions: but the main one is DDD/multi level degenerative arthritis, L1 compression fracture. = Found unfit I have Radiculopathy listed for both legs, however they...
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    What info goes on the CDR's letter

    Guys, Quick question as to what conditions go on the letter? Is it only issues associated with the condition that I am being boarded for, or any conditions that affect my performance? Long story short I am being boarded for back issues, but have also been getting treatment for an anxiety...
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    MEB Fort Carson

    Hello all, New to the forum but have been researching here for a bit. My MEB is finally being initiated after a bit of a struggle. I am currently serving as a recruiter 11 hours away from Carson, so getting the process started has been difficult as most of my encounters have been with...
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