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    Rating back need some guidance.

    Okay will try to keep short.... 50 yrs old, over 20 yrs but haven't received letter 14yrs reserves 6+ active duty, rank 03 Rating DOD 0% but unfit, VA 100% offering severance of 19 yrs. My zero percent has V4 code. JAG says appeal because VA gave me 30% for PTSD/MDD. I originally went for hip...
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    Rating received

    Hello everyone, Got my ratings 90% VA, 20% DOD. VA will go to 100% when I leave because they didn't put 3 missing dx on the form. DOD I will go to a formal on because they didn't rate me on my knee injury which occured while rehabing from hip and knee surgery. They only rated 10% on my hip...
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    Hi everyone, We'll they are sending up my packet for rating after my appeals. They will only rate me on right hip trochanter bursitis. I had surgery on my rip hip and right knee last February. Hip still hurts and have lost some flexion. My question is that I had left knee surgery three weeks...
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    Rating questions

    Hello, Questions concerning ratings. I received my Narsum back and of course appealed. Received secondary review back and will still appeal. My questions pertain to meeting retention standard. My right shoulder had an AC seperation 7 years ago, continually deal with residual pain, numbness and...
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    Rating for hip

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to figure out what my % would be for the rating of my hip. Diagnosis Trochanter bursitis-did have surgery with no relief. Right hip adduction ends at 20, painful motion begins at 15 Right hip abduction ends at 35, painful motion begins at 30 Internal rotation...
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    Form 3947 question

    Sorry to restart this question but for some reason my threads aren't appearing under my settings. My question is the form 3947. When I received my NARSUM the 3947 wasn't completed as the regulations state. I brought this up to my PEBLO and JAG but both entities says that's how they do it here. I...
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    Just got NARSUM

    First let me thank everyone that is part of this site. It is a wonderful resource. Now onto my questions... Just received my NARSUM. On all the conditions listed on the 3497, none of the boxes were filled in except the one dx I was referred for which found me unfit. The doctor refused to...
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