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    TDRL to Perm 40%

    Hello all. So, after 3 years on TDRL, the Informal is suggesting Perm Retirement at 40%. Over the 3 yrs they dropped me from the original rating of 60%. I want to be very sure about a few things before I accept. I do know that I am "worse off" than 40%. Hate to say it like that, but its...
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    US Army Supports Holistic Pain Management

    Full report below:
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    defending my position

    I was just confronted by someone I know....I thought was a friend, but obviously isn't. The person said that I should be working and not taking money from taxpayers. I spent an hour defending my position...I will never waste my time on a conversation like that again. He said he knew someone...
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    Post TDRL review: ordered to see another ortho and neuro..Do I have to go thru VA?

    Hey everyone, its been a while. Quick Question: Do I have to go through the VA for my referrals or can I go through TRICARE and pay my co-pays and take that info back to the doctor in TX? Long and detailed Summary (venting): Back in October 2010 I was sent to TX for 1st tdrl re-eval of my...
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    FREE LIFETIME access to NATIONAL Parks and 1/2 off camping

    Hey everyone. I just went to my local U.S. Forest Office and received my FREE LIFETIME National Parks Pass. Anyone who receives benefits from the VA is eligible. You just go into the Forest Service Office and show them your VA letter and I.D. and they issue it to you on the spot. I still...
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    Contacted by VA for telephone interview

    Hello everyone. Thought this was interesting. I was contacted by the VA to conduct a 15 minute telephone interview regarding my PEB/MEB/transition. I was told that the VA is conducting interviews to gather info regarding Pilot program vs traditional system. I was not pilot program. A lot...
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    More acupuncture info

    Yes, I've been away for awhile...but I have some new stuff (explains) about actupuncture. The bases are getting more acupuncturists. If any of you are still active duty and can try it out, I don't think you will be disappointed. For those of you who haven't seen my previous posts....I had...
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    Hey guys, If we are found unfit for WWQ or we can't do our specific duty at our current rank, can the service make you retrain and keep you? Its not for me....I'm hanging on by a thread-seriously, I really don't know how much more ignorance I can stand! I'll explain my stuff later in my...
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    TDRL Re-evaluation for May

    Hello All, Ok, I got the phone call today from Randolph. They wanted me to fly to Texas, from Colorado, to do my re-eval in May. She had 2 appts set. However, I told her that my Dr. at Peterson had agreed to write the NARSUM and take care of all the necessary paperwork. She agreed. I see...
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    Will a claim keep me from re-entering Air Force

    hey everyone, My friend has a question. He was active duty and then reserves. While on orders he had trouble with his IT Band-knee. He had injections with no improvement. Got out of reserves to start medical school. He's half way through now-is on his way to clinicals. He's in Colo til...
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    Virtual Vietnam Wall

    This was sent to me by a friend-we recently lost someone close to us who was a Vietnam Vet. Email: Someone sent me the link below which is a virtual wall of all those lost during the Viet Nam war with the names, bio's and other information on our lost comrades. It is a very interesting...
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    friend wants to join national guard-need advice

    Hello everyone, My friend, 30 yr old female, wants to join the military...She's in Vegas. Somehow (: she is thinking about the Army National Guard. The recruiter told her that if she isn't assigned to a combat unit or job, that she wouldn't go to Iraq or Afghan. I told her that everyone...
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    My VA decision is in

    I was just awarded 40% for DJD/DDD. 30% sleep disorder assoc w/ DJD/DDD.10% right hip bursitis.10% right lower extremity radiculopathy. They totalled it to 70%. Well, I am waiting for my neuro book to arrive which in it lies the proof to my incap episodes and I believe that will take me to...
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    will retirement from civ position help me go from TDRL to PDRL

    Hello All, I recently received the decision that I will be perm retired due to a disabliltiy from my GS position. The paperwork for disability went in as soon as I came off active duty orders. The wait was about 6 months. I think I'll be up for my USAF temp retirement review around Dec...
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    WTU Suicide

    It saddens me to say that America has lost yet another soldier to suicide. A couple days ago, here in Colorado Springs, the news posted that a soldier was AWOL from the WTU. He rented a car and no one knew where he was going. They found him in California today, apparent suicide. What the...
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    adding service connected medical issues

    Hey guys, I once more need advice...I was just thinking about what happened at my VA visit and my med "exam" (more like an interview) at the VA Hospital. I forgot about a serious issue that happened about 5 years ago...:rolleyes:. I almost died because of the Typhoid Vaccination I...
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    How long for a rating after being seen at VA

    Hello everyone, I had my VA appt today! Not too bad. There was a little problem when they didn't realize that I had been waiting for what seemed hours to see the psych doc after the medical doc. They thought I was in Xray :rolleyes:. So, I did see a med doc, psych doc and then got more tests...
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    PLEASE READ AND SEND A LETTER TO TRICARE. Please, we need everyone's assitance. Its time TRICARE approved the use of acupuncture as a treatment option for our military and family members. If you like, you can search our forum and see how many people have been helped by acupuncture. But, it...
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    VA and Vacation

    I just wanted to share something that I find hilarious.... About 2 months ago I decided that I was ready to leave my "bubble" 5 mile home radius...I've been terrified because I can drop anywhere at anytime with my back. So, a couple months ago I got started with my VA processing. That's...
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