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    Army BCMR Denial

    Greetings, If my one year to appeal the decision has passed, what can I do? Is it appropriate to file another ABCMR? Thanks for your assistance. Regards, Sam
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    Army BCMR Denial, WTF Over!

    Greetings, I am at a loss for words after getting my Denial Letter from the ABCMR. I was Medically Retired from the Army in April 2013 with 2 Unfitting Conditions: 1. Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease with Radiculopathy and 2. Right Ankle Tendon Injury. My initial percentage for the...
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    Army BCMR

    Greetings, I applied to the ABCMR to have my PDRL percentage upgraded in June 2014. When would be a reasonable timeframe on when my case will be heard / completed? It has been 8 months now. My assumption is that it would take from 9-12 months. I will keep my fingers crossed for a...
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    Army Disability Rating Review Board (ADRRB)

    Greetings. Has anyone utilized the Army Disability Rating Review Board (ADRRB)? The purpose of this board is address requests to upgrade disability percentages for Medically Retired Soldiers. I am not there yet but am getting close. I was Medically Retired (PDRL) @ 50% for two...
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    Mystical Mythical 30% VA Letter

    I was recently retired via 50% PDRL thru the Army via the DES process. I have requested on numerous attempts to receive the VA Letter stating that I am at least 30% Disabled so that I can be placed in the higher Federal ratings hiring process. I thought the sole purpose of the DES process...
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    TAMP Benefits (Reserve and NG)

    I am in the Army Reserves and have completed the IDES process. I was initially on orders for a Contingency Operation and was injured. I was transferred to a WTU and the MEB / PEB Process began. I was given PDRL. I requested to receive my Transitional Assistance Management Program which...
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    Meade Timeline

    I started my process at Fort Meade. I was referred by my PCM on 24 AUG 2011. Yes, August 2011. Received call from PEBLO informing me that I need to come in to sign Paperwork. 12 SEP 2011. Completed VA C&P exams, 5 OCT 2011. Met briefly with MEB doctor in early JAN 2012. Received NARSUM mid...
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    PTDY while in the IDES process in the USAR.

    Has anyone gone thru the IDES process while being a National Guard or Army Reservist received PTDY for their Medical Retirement?? I just got my retirement orders which state I am entitled to 20 Days of PTDY however my command is stating that since I am in the Army Reserves I am not entitled to...
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    Proposed Ratings, Missing Claims from VA

    Greetings, I am in the IDES process. I received a copy of my proposed VA ratings from my PEBLO. A little disappointed in the ratings would be fair to say but I regress. After reviewing the proposed ratings, one of the claims that was listed on initial VA form and is also listed on the DA...
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    When calculating ROM Lumbar Degrees from VA and PEB, is it when pain starts or where it ends. An example being Forward Flexion 40 Degrees with pain starting at 20 Degrees. Would this be rated at 20 or 40 degrees. Thanks. Drew
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