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  1. Pyro

    VA Recoupment and DoD Retirement

    So I got a letter from the VA saying they will make the determination of my recoupment on the 21st, how nice. 2 years ago They backpaid me while on military orders, they are correct. So I’m 100% DoD as well as VA and I’m lucky enough where my DoD is higher than the VA, I do not get concurrent...
  2. Pyro

    Do I have to file a claim first?

    I have a recurring VA exam coming up this Monday and I have new health changes the VA doesn't know about yet. I had to get my colon taken out for cancer, the VA has got me at 100% for cancer (temporary, of course) but the permanent poop in a bag is permanent according to the VASRD. Will the VA...
  3. Pyro

    0% from VA for Cancer

    Alright, I'll post here because nobody reads my long winded other post. Got a call today (Saturday) from a senior VA rep in Phoenix who was pissed off and concerned about my claim. This is how he started the conversation so I knew I was in for it. Long story short, stage 4 cancer, multiple...
  4. Pyro

    Intent to File

    I submitted an intent to file last September before I got the ball rolling for my claim. In the last 4 months, I was finally submitted to the IDES process for my condition. It will be disqualifying and I do have an LOD for the condition. I was scheduled for 1 C&P exam this Friday, however, I...
  5. Pyro

    DOD Ratings

    Maybe I don't get it, there are DOD ratings and VA ratings. I AM NOT looking for VA ratings, what is the DOD ratings stage 4 colon cancer with an LOD?
  6. Pyro

    Just the Beginning

    Hoping for guidance and some insight of what to expect, I understand every situation is different and this one I haven't been able to find in the threads. Active duty AF 2000-2011, USAF Air Reserve Technician 2011-present, no more than about 21 days of orders strung together at a time since...
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