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    My NG timeline

    My timeline in my sig. block below
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    Interpreting Retirement order

    So I finally received my orders from PDA but no one from my PEBLO, to the PDA and even the retirement services officer can give a direct answer that is in line with the regulations. So the orders are worded "You are released from assignment and duty because of physical disability incurred while...
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    PDA Availability

    So for the last two times I've called the PDA to inquire about some issues someone has answered the phone and actually given me some help I don't know what has prompted the change but it's a welcome one. Anybody else have success in reaching them and getting courteous service? I was told that...
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    FEB @ JBSA

    Anyone going thru JBSA? Formal board 8 March w VARR and I've heard nothing back yet.
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    Dual status Fed. Tech ret. processing

    So a co worker of mine whos last day is Fri. after retiring(Army Guard) back in Feb. after a non duty related PEB just found out that since OPM is backlogged on processing disability retirement packets 6-8 months he will have to pay his portion of Medical insurance plus government share plus...
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    Separation question

    Can you receive both a severance settlement if found unfit and Federal technician disability payments?
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    Formal board in March. Have questions.

    Current grade E-7.Highest grade held O-3. M-day/Fed. Tech. ARNG w 32 yr total service, 30 yr 9 MO creditable toward retirement (non- reg service) 17 yr AD. Currently WG -12 Acft Mech DA 199 20% w/severance. VA 80% Found unfit by MEB for 5 conditions shoulder( two different conditions...
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    Recieved DA 199 today, need advice.

    Received DA 199 today unfit, 20% and severance, I know I'm going to appeal and ask for VA reconsideration on 1 rating also. Can conditions that I was already rated for by the VA before I entered the IDES process be added to my DOD unfit this late in the game? I'd like to add a timeline at the...
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