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    Appeal/NOD Initiated By The VA?

    Hello. I hope you all are in good spirits. I recently submitted a claim to the VA for several conditions back in September. I had my C&P in early NOV. Well, I looked in e-benefits for updates, and saw that I have an "appeal pending- notice of disagreement." I obviously have not appealed...
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    C&P Appointment

    I have a C&P appointment coming up in the next week for a new claim I filed for fibromyalgia (I was recently diagnosed), sleep apnea (I filed for as a secondary condition to my mental health SCD; also recent diagnosis), and an increase on my endometriosis (currently rated at 0%). I guess I am...
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    Presumptive Illness VA Claim(s)

    After my doc told me she thinks I may have fibromyalgia, I did a lot of research and reading. Something led me to “Gulf War Syndrome,” and under it, on the VA website, it listed presumptive illnesses that don’t require service members to show it was service connected. Fibromyalgia is listed...
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    Another BCNR Denial Thread

    Hello all, and thanks for reading. I am mainly posting this, though, for other females who may deal with what I have, and still am dealing with. When I first researched on the web for my issues, I found NOTHING. For a little background information, I was an HM in the Navy for 10 almost 11 years...
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    Case Transfered From DRB to BCNR?

    Hello all. I filed a case with the DRB (Discharge Review Board) in July ‘17 trying to get my administrative discharge changed to a medical discharge (after looking back over my medical records I discovered they diagnosed me with being in perimenopause, which is story I will post about later)...
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