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    Backpay CRSC

    Who did you have to contact to find out the time frame to receive your back pay? Received my first payment on October 1st and it said it was back dated to July 2017 so after seeing a few other threads looking at back pay?
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    Just got the call..

    My TDRL went to PDRL. Didnt do a re evaluation but had seen the VA for a re evaluation so not sure if that's why or just from my condition.
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    Need Help with CRSC

    Whelp.. I called and was told my letter was sent. Ended up with 60%. Took a year and some change!
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    Need Help with CRSC

    All my browsers say is the hrc website doesn't work. IDK what I'm doing wrong.
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    Army CRSC Timeline 17-18

    Whelp, I am at over a year now. Hoping in the next few weeks then..
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    Need Help with CRSC

    Apparently when I changed my password it was wrong the three times I entered it. So now I gotta wait 24 hours to reset it. Apparently I can't access the HRC site with Windows 10. So I've been unable to check it.
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    Need Help with CRSC

    When did you submit yours? I submitted mine last August 2017 and over a year and a few days now and still nothing..
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    Army CRSC Timeline 17-18

    Hey, I saw you submitted yours August 2017, when did you finally get confirmation? Mine was received and processing 25 August 2017..
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    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    Tried. Still wont let me load it. -_-
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    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    I can't access the HRC website with any browser. It keeps saying it can't be reached.
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    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    At this rate I'm just curious if mine will be approved or not. Waited 11 months before I finally reached out to check the status.
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    CRSC at ten months processing time Army

    13 months? Holy shit. They told me 10 months, 1 year, now 13 months.. :P
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    CRSC Waiting Time?

    Army. Seems to be a lot longer for us.
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    CRSC Navy Timeline

    I'm over a year right now bud.
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    CRSC Waiting Time?

    So, my CRSC packet was received August 25, 2017 and, the email I got was that it would take ten months to process. So I left it alone until July 2018 and called up and was told it would take up to a year. Well I hit my year and then was told a year was an estimate and could take longer. Anyone...
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    Will I get boarded if I go on anxiety meds?

    I was on meds for anxiety for nearly a year and was not med boarded right away. I was later diagnosed with bipolar which caused my med board.
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    TDRL to PDRL?

    So I just received my ratings of 50% DOD TDRL and 60% VA. So after my evaluation will I end up back in the military? I'm being med boarded due to unspecified bipolar disorder. And I was told it's rare to end up on the PDRL with mental health issues. This stuff is all new to me and giving me...
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    Unfit For Duty Memo

    That's weird they are not tracking the unfity for duty memo because you get that and use it to clear CIF.
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    Informal Results Back

    So I'm assuming if you are getting severance you're not getting 30%, I have not received my ratings yet, but I feel like from my unfit duty I am less then 30%.
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    Is the system still down?

    Yep. If I agree sign it and get it sent up to the orders building. Be on my way outta here!
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