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    Need some important advice

    So i have already posted threads on the status of my MEB and one of the advice given was to give my VA rep on post a copy of my kids birth certificate and SSN cards for VA exit. The problem I'm having is that me and the Ex are not on speaking terms and not answering my emails/ phone calls and...
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    RA: Unfit/ MEB vs. AR 600-9

    Hello fellow Soldiers! I'm a little curious about the goings on in the Army and would like to see other's thoughts about what Im about to discuss. So Im a SSG at FT Drum waiting on my 199 from seattle, been found unfit since March and also flagged for being 3% over my allowable percentaged...
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    How long does the VA take to make a decision?

    So my unfit letter was recieved 12 march 2014 and still waiting on the VA ( Seattle) to come up with a decesion for the 199. This past June, my commander gave this letter from the same VA wanting a laundry list of things from me for the " gathering of evidence" some of which was old medical...
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