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    CRDP Payment w/Less than 20 Years

    I should not be authorized CRDP because I have under 20 years of service depsite being rated 60% (DoD) and 100% (VA) P&T. I opted to receive the VA compensation at the higher/tax-free amount. And yet, for my first compensation payment I received a payment from DFAS for both my 60% DoD retirement...
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    eBenefits Ratings on Disabilities Page

    After getting proposed 100% VA ratings and being medically retired from active duty in DEC 2017, my actual IDES/compensation claim closed on eBenefits yesterday, and it says that a notification letter was sent out. However, it did state that I could view my rating(s) on my "Disabilities Page"...
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    VA Disability Payment Timeline

    Sorry if there are other threads that cover this topic (generally), but I just wanted to get your thoughts/experiences on when I should anticipate my first VA Disability payment. My Retirement date is 28 DEC 2017. I will provide my DD214 to all the necessary agencies on 28 DEC 2017. Should I...
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    VA Ratings Completed Too Fast?

    Am I reading this wrong? I'm AD Air Force being boarded for 6 unfitting conditions. Total, I have 22 conditions/claims, and after over 290 days of waiting my MEB/PEB package finally went to the VA on 5 SEP. On 6 SEP, the case status changed to "complete" and went historical on eBenefits. It...
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    TSP Withdrawal Question

    When would an active duty member being medically retired/separated be able to click on the "Withdrawal" option on the TSP website? Is it only once your DOS/ETS date has been updated in the system or after your date of separation or some other date? The button is grayed out for me because I don't...
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    VA Award Letter Question

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but does anyone know exactly at what point in the MEB/PEB/IDES process that an AD member being retired/separated with a VA disability would actually be able to download/receive the VA Award Letter? Is it printable/accessible: - Once...
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    Thoracolumbar ROM (C&P) Question

    I just want to be clear on the chart for ratings when it comes to the Thoracolumbar spine. I am AD USAF undergoing an MEB for severe issues with my back, and my C&P examiner reported on my C&P exam results (just got them back from my PEBLO today) that my Forward Flexion is 0 to 15 degrees. Does...
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