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    Military retirement vs military separation

    After 27yrs of service I was recently given a military separation from the National Guard for Ulcerative Colitis. I did not get an approved LOD through the military for this condition as I didn't complain about symptoms I suffered while I was deployed. I just thought it was something to deal...
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    Refund of military buy back

    I may be getting medically discharged from the Army National Guard for a recently diagnosed condition. I currently am also a dual status technician with about 19yrs 5months of tech time. What I'm up against is that in 7 months I will have 20yrs tech time and am over 50yrs old. This means I'm...
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    Technician vs medical retirement

    I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last May but didn't realize I could be medically discharged for this until a recent PHA. My dilemma is that as of this August I'll have 20yrs as a technician and since I'm over 50yrs old I'm eligible for a technician retirement so I'm told I would receive...
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    Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

    May 2015 I ended up spending 4 days in a VA hospital ultimately being diagnosed with UC. I did not think much about it but during my last PHA a few weeks ago I was told that UC would put me on a permanent profile. I’ve been doing research on this and it’s starting to look like I’ll go through...
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