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    Hopefully your orders are being handled by an active duty member.
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    eBenefits Ratings on Disabilities Page

    If it still shows nothing under Generate Letter area, I suppose they haven’t entered your info yet.
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    eBenefits Ratings on Disabilities Page

    Mine didn’t display my ratings. Another way to check is to Generate Letters in ebenefits. That should give you your finalized rating.
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    I need some advice on my MEB case.

    I’ve just been medically retired, so I know this process can be very frustrating. Hang in there. As Denmom and Chaplin have suggested, read the AFI and the docs I’m the resource section. Also search for the site militarydisabilitymadeeasy, it breaks down the conditions into layman’s terms. Find...
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    Should I still file for SSDI or wait?

    That is not what I wanted to hear. I just moved to CA, and SSA transferred my case to CA. I didn't know that some states are more stringent than others.
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    Luke AFB MEB timelime

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    How Does Terminal Work?

    Congrats. I have heard of people take permissive before outprocessing their base, but usually people final out and then take permissive and terminal leave.
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    Luke AFB MEB timelime

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    VA Ratings Completed Too Fast?

    You have to do the two leave requests in leaveweb. One for PTDY and one for terminal. That's the closest thing to applying for PTDY that I did.
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    Luke AFB MEB timelime

    The outprocessing days are automatically factored into your retirement date projection. You don't have to apply for it. Welcome to the 27 Nov retirement gang.
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    Tracking MEB? Air Force

    Welcome to the 27 Nov retirement club.
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    LA AFB Timeline (DCMA San Diego location)

    It shows that your case is moving, but that's as much as I would rely on ebenefits.
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    Hickam Timeline

    The movers came today and my house is empty. I'm flying out to Cali next Thursday.
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    Hickam Timeline

    We are both at Hickam aka Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
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    Hickam Timeline

    Talk to TMO ASAP!! They said there is a three week wait for pickup.
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    Luke AFB MEB timelime

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    Updated AF case timeline

    Looks like he hasn't been on since 18 Jul
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    CRDP eligibility

    That's what everyone is here for. We've all been there before.
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    CRDP eligibility

    CRDP was a confusing one for me too. Agree with everything gsfowler said. Rule 1: medical retirement is not a regular retirement, so PDBR alone would not make you eligible. Rule 2: must meet a time/age requirement Rule 3: TERA usually happens late in your career Rule 4: must be entitled to...
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