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  1. aamonroe

    BCNR timeline after docket number received

    So sorry to hear. We just filed suit last week after waiting 3+ years for a weakly defended/poorly constructed denial of my husband’s case with the AFBCMR. Not too optimistic but, at least we’re leaving no stone unturned!
  2. aamonroe

    THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!! DoD Retention Policy for Non-Deployable Service Members

    I think this policy will at least be helpful for people, like my husband, who have conditions rated at an amount straddling the retirement line (he has type1 diabetes, and it's only rated at 20%). If this policy were in place at the time he was discharged, he never would have tried to be...
  3. aamonroe

    Deploy or out

    Also seems like odd timing. The AF is currently promoting captains to major at a 100% promotion rate because they don’t have enough FGOs due to the massive cuts a few years back. This only exacerbates the issue.
  4. aamonroe

    BCNR timeline after docket number received

    Ha! We called in January (one month before their supposed “deadline,” and more than 3 years after submitting the initial application. “Oh, we sent that to you in October.” That’s funny, this document we’ve been anticipating for years just didn’t arrive in our mailbox, as if it were stolen...
  5. aamonroe

    BCNR timeline after docket number received

    Whatever you do, my recommendation is do NOT ask for an extension. We were in the same boat with the AFBCMR. Letter dated October 27, 2015, received like November 15, 2015 (because they sent it to our outdated address, despite us having updated it in their system properly). We couldn’t give...
  6. aamonroe

    BCNR timeline after docket number received

    AFBCMR is no better, either. Husband’s appeal was marked as received on December 16, 2014. So that’s more than 1,000 days. They previously acknowledged a deadline of August 2017, but when my husband checked in at that time they said they’d asked Congress for 6 additional moths for all...
  7. aamonroe

    Adjudication Complete (However)

    Uggghhh...we feel you. The BCMR can't mail things properly, either. They sent our recommendations to our old address (but, like you, we had updated our address properly)--in fact, they used the correct address on the inside letter but he outdated one on the outside, so they definitely had it...
  8. aamonroe

    Back Story and Questions about BCMR

    I am just reading this entire thread and it makes my heart break for you. I know it's been a long time since this all happened, and you likely don't check this very often if at all, but this sort of story is the kind that make me so bitter with the military. I pray you are all doing better...
  9. aamonroe

    AFBCMR Claim Forwarded To The Board

    I guess my fear with sending in a Congressional is that they would feel like we're being pushy and if they're on the fence, they'll just find a way to deny out of aggravation of being told they didn't meet the suspense. Our case is a complicated one, but according to a former Army BCMR person...
  10. aamonroe

    AFBCMR Claim Forwarded To The Board

    So, we are in the same situation. Submitted the original application in November 2014. Received the official correspondence, dated December 16, 2014, that said it was "in the cue." Received our advisory opinions, dated October 27, 2015. The person in charge of sending out correspondence...
  11. aamonroe

    Still awaiting the final AFBCMR decision 17 months later. #Phelpsface

    Still awaiting the final AFBCMR decision 17 months later. #Phelpsface
  12. aamonroe

    What is the freaking hold up? TIMELINE HERE...

    Maybe it's just our case, but whenever they say "it'll be sometime between x&y months before you hear back," it is always, almost to the day, as close as humanly possible to the "y." As in, it's always, always, always the last possible moment (ex. never 3 months in a 3-6 month window, always 6...
  13. aamonroe

    Beale AFB Timeline

    Good luck!
  14. aamonroe

    New Type 1

    My husband got a severance only because he wasn't retired--he was discharged. He's "too healthy" to be retired,and yet not healthy enough to stay in.
  15. aamonroe

    Beale AFB Timeline

    I wish you nothing but luck! We would have happily given up the severance for benefits, if only to be able to take our kids to visit the bases we've been stationed at:(
  16. aamonroe

    Beale AFB Timeline

    Ok, gotcha. I thought this might be one of those misinformed military medical personnel situations. You are correct in that few (including medical people, particularly if they're not versed in endocrinology) have heard of 1.5; most people think I'm joking when I say it! Are you going to fight...
  17. aamonroe

    New Type 1

    I don't know about retirement, but my husband was also a select for LtCol and he got his severance package based on his selected rank, not as a Major.
  18. aamonroe

    This couldn't have been more conveniently timed for us, as we respond to my husband's BCMR...

    This couldn't have been more conveniently timed for us, as we respond to my husband's BCMR recommendation, in which he requested reinstatement. Are you kidding me? Now they're paying people to get back in? Could be a beneficial argument for people facing discharge...
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