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  1. Jason Perry

    When can I add additional claims to VA claim?

    I am confused as to why people are not opening their own threads and/or responding to posts from 4-5 years ago.
  2. Jason Perry

    Welcome to new Moderator- Guardguy11

    In order to get some insight or input, you are better served by opening your own thread and giving some background information. Your general question above does not supply enough information to provide any meaningful insight or thoughts about your own situation.
  3. Jason Perry

    Fact dependent. The services and components (active and reserve) have different opinions and are...

    Fact dependent. The services and components (active and reserve) have different opinions and are not acting in uniformity. It may take fighting this out to get the right result.
  4. Jason Perry

    LOD issued and VA denied claim

    Drew, This is a late welcome, but, welcome to the PEB Forum, nonetheless! I missed your post before now because of a common error for members here. Posting a follow-up question on another person's post means your post will receive limited visibility. It also means that your own issues will not...
  5. Jason Perry

    CRSC Contradiction

    The point of being in the combat zone is (as a drone operator or someone in the "kill chain") is to push the issue and make the service state a reason. There are a lot of legal issues and concepts and legal arguments that could come into play when fighting out this issue of whether folks not...
  6. Jason Perry

    CRSC Contradiction

    Drone strikes. That might be the issue. Most times, they (meaning the AF) will avoid and deny finding drone strikes/remote viewing as a "Combat Related" stressor. I think this is a very interesting legal issue. It has not been explored/fought out enough, in my opinion. If the PTSD is based...
  7. Jason Perry

    CRSC Contradiction

    What was the stressor(s) found by the MEB and/or the PEB (or even the VA) for your PTSD?
  8. Jason Perry

    CRSC Contradiction

    What was your ultimate finding? What conditions were unfitting, what was the combined DoD rating, and what was the recommended disposition? I.e., unfit for the following conditions [x,y.z], rated at [n%], and that the member be "[separated][retired]...."
  9. Jason Perry

    CRSC Contradiction

    The distinction of "where" a disability was incurred is important for those who are separated vice retired for their disabilities. No tax for separation pay for those who are separated based on unfitting conditions incurred in a combat zone. If retired, the importance of this issue goes away for...
  10. Jason Perry

    Welcome to new Moderator- Guardguy11

    I am pleased to announce the addition of Guardguy11 as a Moderator! Please join me welcoming Guardguy11 as part of the team here at PEB FORUM that helps folks with questions, issues, or just sharing experiences. As a member with experience with National Guard issues, Guardguy11 brings an...
  11. Jason Perry

    Eight year rule

    I hope you found this regulation on this site. It has been posted since 2013: My point is not to be snarky. It is to suggest that most questions and answers are...
  12. Jason Perry

    Waived FPEB...???

    If it kills me (which is a possibility) I am going to figure out a chat function with or without voice so I can easily communicate things. The issue is not that complicated and while I am not trying to discourage paying attorneys for advice, I would rather just talk for a few minutes and clear...
  13. Jason Perry

    Eight year rule

    I am not sure what you mean that "You can't be put on orders solely for the purpose of IDES...." Yes, you can. It happens all the time. In the Air Force, they term it as MEDCON orders. The other branches have similar processes (with different terminology). But, I just wanted to point out that...
  14. Jason Perry

    New DoD Timelines for IDES process

    Thanks for posting this. I will update the Resources section with a copy. (Might be a week or so as I have some travel upcoming). Nice catch and thanks for the input!!
  15. Jason Perry

    Anyone have some examples of support letters

    No, I don't have an example that I could provide (I have drafted and seen many of these, but, I can't provide them here as they would be attorney work product.) However, it would not be difficult to state what would be ideal or at least helpful in such a statement. Written as either a...
  16. Jason Perry

    Medical Standards Directory [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
  17. Jason Perry

    I did a very brief look at your posts. I don't know enough about your case details to offer...

    I did a very brief look at your posts. I don't know enough about your case details to offer much. I would need to review all of your relevant case files. This is what an attorney would need to do. You may benefit from legal representation by a qualified attorney. If you are interested in my...
  18. Jason Perry

    Your questions are outside of the scope of the information we provide here. I could not advise...

    Your questions are outside of the scope of the information we provide here. I could not advise you about your situation without knowing the contents of your case file and I would not be able to advise you here even if I knew that information. The questions you are asking are more along what an...
  19. Jason Perry

    Getting a condition moved to DOES NOT MEET Reetention Standards

    Service2USA, Welcome to the PEBFORUM! I am not sure from what you have stated what your desired outcome is. Do you want to be found fit for continued service? It sounds like from your above-quoted post that you wanted to continue to serve. The above notwithstanding, it seems you are being...
  20. Jason Perry

    Can the VA C&P change my diagnosis? BP I vs BP II.

    I cannot stress enough how much you should get legal representation soon. An experienced attorney can help you maximize the likelihood you get what you deserve. But, you need to seek help as soon as possible. Again, I have no idea when you reach 20 years of active federal service. (Reaching...
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