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    Impartial Medical Review Rebuttal MFR Sample

    I have tried to poke around the PEB Forum site to see if there are any resources in helping fill out the rebuttal letter to the Impartial Medical Review Election Form. If there aren't any sample templates on the site, does anyone have a version of the rebuttal letter I can use as a guide>...
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    IDES Interview Timeline to Return VA Form 526EZ

    I appreciate your reply. I’m going to try to get my VA MSC and PEBLO to give me hard dates deadlines. It is hard to fathom that I only get a couple days to verify all the information we did in the initial interview, for me to fact check the VA From 526EZ, and add anything not discussed in the...
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    IDES Interview Timeline to Return VA Form 526EZ

    BLUF: Can anyone help direct me to any documents/resources that speak to the timeline of having your initial IDES interview and the service member to return the Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Form (VA Form 526EZ ) back to the Veteran Affairs Military Services...
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