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    Will "More info needed" delay response to AFPC?

    Well I thought I was rounding the corner to finally getting a rating decision. Here is my question... Air Force sent my go ahead for 2 unfitting conditions late October. My status on ebennies changed from pending decision approval to gathering of evidence. I understand that part. I checked...
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    Unexpected MEB for RA; So confused, pleae help!!!

    I understand where you are coming from! I too have RA. Had it for about 1.5 years now. Metotrexate sucks! I think the side effects were worse than RA. I had a "flare" a couple months back when they were preparing my MEB file and attempting to stabalize my illness. I was a very active...
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    Occupational problem?

    My meb is headed to the board shortly for RA and Anxiety. I was able to review a portion of my MEB narrative thus far (still waiting on the military psych portion). In this narrative it include new diagonisis from the VA Psych Dr. It said I had a mood disorder, occupational problem and phase...
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