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  1. Salte

    Working: yes or no?

    Yes he can work. How about school for the bah will that help? Sappers forward
  2. Salte

    WTU unit far from family!

    The WTU will provide you with a room, transportation is available. If you can complete TAP (ACAP) now I would this will give you time for internships. IF your not close to family I would try for one on the larger WTU bases (Hood, JBLM, SAMC) there are better opportunity for job placement. WTU...
  3. Salte

    Condition and Ratings

    I have MS and it took about a year for my board I was rated 80/100 with all my conditions. MS wasn't rated, instead I my residual were rated. I know a year seems long but it's not, if your not in WTU you need to required assignment to a WTU. It's better for a MEB and you will have time for...
  4. Salte

    Condition and Ratings

    I'm not sure what the ratings are but you need to ensure you have a brain MRI, and spinal tap done, NMO is a precursor to other autoimmune diseases.
  5. Salte

    Best companies for VA loans?

    One more thing Navy Federal services loans in house.
  6. Salte

    Best companies for VA loans?

    Navy Federal is great for a home loan, you can apply on the phone or online if no branch is near where you live.
  7. Salte

    Doctors do not know the reason

    Facial numbness, pain up and down arms, headache, eye pain, I hope you don't have MS, work with your Nero/ doctors it's important you are diagnosed properly. Be proactive and research your symptoms it helped me understand what to look for. Salte
  8. Salte

    Doctors do not know the reason

    Have you had an MRI and a lumbar puncture by the Nero at your previous post? I was diagnosed with MS last Sept but have had symptoms for a few years and didn't know it.
  9. Salte

    MY SCAADL appt,

    I'm new here. I'm assigned to an Army WTU and I did this through my OT who had my PCM sign then my company commander sign. The approval for my packet was the sent Great Plains regional medical center. I'm not sure how the AF medical units are identified. Lastly your posts have been helpful...
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