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    TDIU & CRSC question

    I was just granted IU status by va and I am currently holding a 70% rating for CRSC. My question is will my CRSC rating rise from 70% to 100% due to being awarded TDIU? Anyone know?
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    IPEB is in 50% PTSD

    :D:DMy MEB/IPEB are just about complete. It only took 3 days for my results to come in with a 50% TDRL for PTSD. It has been a long and tiring experience and I just thank God and those who have been supportive that the government did not screw me. I need some help however before I sign my...
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    Commanders letter

    I just wanted to post the turn out of my Commanders letter which holds alot of weight for determining fit or unfit for duties. After some reading on this website I thought it may be important to read my commanders eval that the PEBLO had. I requested a copy with a blank copy and then reviewed...
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    How do I eneter cool photos

    how do I add photos
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    Jason need someadice

    If you review my previous post you might have some advice. If you do please fill me in.
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    Harassment for medical records

    I am looking for a little advice. I have been in treatment for PTSD for over a year now. Today I had one of my chain of command demand that I give him a copy of my medical records so a determination can be made whether or not I need to be in the treatment that I am. I almost lost it. He...
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    Need help with VA math

    :confused: Please help. I am currently in the meb process for PTSD which I will recieve 50% TDRL for. This brings my medical retirement pay to 2750 a month. Next I have filed with VA for other injuries which were not unfitting for duty with my MEB. I was informed by my doctor I would...
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    PTSD and back injuries

    :confused: I am new to the sight. I have viewed many post concerning MEBs and PTSD. I am currently in the middle of an MEB for PTSD. I have been treated now for over a year. Medications do little to help and I am on plenty of them. I have 11yrs of active duty service and I would like to...
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