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  1. TexasTACP

    Denied @ 34 mos

    Denied, Post service examinations and findings within one year of discharge disregarded in lieu of Active Duty exams per letter. Best wishes to all brothers and sisters in arms. This opportunity was motivating for me, I wanted to put myself in a better life position, regardless of any...
  2. TexasTACP

    Looks like a PDBR update today

    Best wishes to all
  3. TexasTACP

    Duplicate thread, please delete

    Duplicate post, Jason or Moderator please delete
  4. TexasTACP

    02AUG17 Case Sent to DDA

    Comrades, I received notification my case was sent to DDA (USAF in my case) on 02AUG17. Please note, they did NOT notify me, my 4 month time between requests to the PDBR email just happened to come about on 04AUG17. I'll try to remember to post when I do get the decision from my DDA to offer...
  5. TexasTACP

    PDBR Website Case Posting

    Hello All, I'm not the only that noticed the PDBR site was offline for an audit this spring/summer, now all years and cases reflect a 6/15/16 date. I wish I'd have made a screen shot beforehand to try and gauge some type of (very unofficial) timing for case release and posting online to maybe...
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