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    Second MEB initiated

    hi all, I'm in the middle of my MEB, received the percentages the other month and appealed, I have my formal hearing at the end of July. I have just (this week) been diagnosed with a rare type of t-cell lymphoma, my dermatologist told me to schedule with my pcm to have them initiate another...
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    Timeline for separation date.

    Hi all, Have a meeting with my PEBLO tomorrow to get my ratings. Wondering if anyone knows how long it takes AFPC to give a separation date if found unfit and I agree to the ratings? Other than my leave, how long do you general get before you separate, do they give a certain amount of...
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    Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the right forum, apolgies if it is not. Received this email the other day, does this mean that I have been found unfit? Or is this just part of the process? Thanks in advance. USAF, stationed OCONUS if that makes any difference. "Your disability case was...
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    What's next?

    Hi all, sorry if this is a repeated question, I have looked through the forums but can't seem to navigate it well. I have just completed my VA appointments and I'm wondering what's next and if anyone knows the current timeline for getting a separation date if found unfit for duty? Stationed at...
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