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    Being investigated by OSI

    Hey all, I was previously diagnosed during active duty with chronic adjustment disorder. I palace chased and got a 10% disability from the VA for that condition. Feel free to look through my post history for further details. Anyway, I was deployed April of 2016 as an activated reservist. Doctor...
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    Thought I knew how it worked

    Quick question. Let's say I am DoD rated at 30% or higher to be eligible for a medical retirement. Am I able to choose whether I am retired or separated, or is it all based on recommendations by the board. I have friend who was active duty that was rated at 80% unfit DoD and they medically...
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    Traditional Reservist Timeline

    Just got diagnosed with adjustment disorder with depressed and anxious moods and borderline personality disorder. Being recommended for an MEB based on the adjustment disorder. Does anyone know how a traditional reservist MEB works and how long it takes?
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    Increasing VA disability rating before MEB

    I've been told by the base psychologist that I am more than likely looking at an MEB. I have a 10% depression disability from active duty. I deployed as a reservist this past April and returned after only 5 days in country due to major depressed mood and suicidal ideation. While I was deployed...
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    Thoroughly Confused

    I'm cross-posting this from because I just found this forum and I think this may help me out more than the other. We'll see. First of all, thanks for viewing and potentially answering my question. I've browsed a few of the posts, but they are all from people over 20 years in...
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