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    When would my effective retirement date be?

    I will be at 20 years on Sept 28th 2019. I am currently in the MEB process. I have 60 days of leave and 20 PTDY I am trying to figure out what they will count as my out date, cause obviously I am trying to make it to 20. So my question is, will the stop adding my active time during the...
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    Help me understand please

    I met with my PEBLO today and he gave me a copy of my NARSUM. I keep seeing this checked off in different spots. Can someone explain this to me? The examination is medically consistent with the Veteranss statements describing functional loss with repetitive use over time.
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    Fort Campbell-my time line

    I know there is multiple people posting timelines for Fort Campbell, I am going to post mine so others can see an average. April 15th, 2019 Met with the Dr for my P3 April 15th, 2019 Met my PEBLO April 29th, 2019 Met the MSC May 2nd, 2019 Went to make Appointments for C&P exams C&P is...
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    Presumption of fitness

    I am sure this gets asked a lot, but I cant find anything relating to my specific situation. I am currently at 19.5 years of service. I have been informed that a MED board will be initiated in April. I was OK with everything, because I knew I could stretch it out to the 20 year mark. I was...
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    Need Advice on starting the Process

    Hello, I apologize if this isn't the correct thread for the help I need. My current situation is I am at 19 years and 5 months. They are talking about having me go through the MEB process. I have been told to ensure I hit my 20 year mark. My question is, I know I can drag it out a little bit...
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