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  1. catherinemedboard

    TDRL is now 3 years instead of 5? Help!

    I am now a veteran who in the past few months have been placed on TDRL. Recently I went to base to get a new Veteran ID card since the old one had my married last name. Apparently there was an error in my card which scanned the expiration date to 2020 instead of 2022. When the gentleman at the...
  2. catherinemedboard

    VA Disability Award Letter? Payment question!

    So i medically retired 22Jun17 and I did not receive my check for the first of july which was expected. However, when I called the VA to see when I will start getting paid, they did say i have to wait for my Disability award letter to come in the mail. Then i can submit that to the registration...
  3. catherinemedboard

    3 Weeks and still waiting...

    Still waiting for sep orders. Anyone know how long they've waited?
  4. catherinemedboard

    What is your timeline? For PEB?

    Asking for completed timelines...or at least where you're at with your separation orders? Also....when/if you got your orders, how far out did it say your new discharge date?
  5. catherinemedboard

    Separation Orders?

    Hey all! How long has it taken you to get your separation orders? Also, have you gotten out by your picked date?
  6. catherinemedboard

    How much longer does it take to get PEB findings back?

    Hello and good morning to everyone! This has been a crazy journey. I just saw my proposed ratings from the VA yesterday. I was wondering, because now it has to be sent back to the PEB and then sent back to the PEBLO so I can sign, how long has this taken any of you who have been through this...
  7. catherinemedboard

    No cost TAD orders while on PEB?

    I have asked a few times to a few people but was wondering if anyone has gotten away with getting new orders? My significant other is in Illinois and was wondering since there is a big medical facility there if I can transfer over there instead of staying in SoCal for my PEB? Has this happened...
  8. catherinemedboard

    How long will it take? Or how long did it take for you?

    My package was sent in yesterday to Washington for my medboard... just wanting to know how long itll take to get my findings back? Or how long did it take for you all? Thank you!
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