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    VA ratings discrepancy

    So I found out today that I am getting retired at 40% but there is a discrepancy in my VA ratings and I’m wondering if anyone else has ran into it. In the computer system the VA put that my total combined rating was 80% but my paperwork from the Marine Corps states that it is 100%. My PEBLO is...
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    Reenlisting while found fit?

    I was found fit for continued service with the limitations of no PFT or CFT. Reading up on information i have found that they can't deny me reenlistment now since i was found fit with these conditions. I know the Marine Corps could always try to find another "reason" to deny me and i'm trying to...
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    Need Help

    I'm on my way to a formal board for Fibromyalgia. i was found fit and we are trying to appeal. My lawyer suggested that i go see my PCM to have them note that if I'm found fit i would still be unable to do certain things. I have gotten a new PCM since i started the Med Board and when i saw him...
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    Fighting FIT determination

    Good Morning, i was found FIT the other day and am currently appealing. After reading through they state I'm fit due to i can still work i just can't do the physical things required by the Marine Corps. Has anyone had luck fighting this? I was diagnosed with Fibro and my conditions are...
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    Informal PEB timeline usmc

    Hi I was just hoping someone could help me out with the timeline. My package was sent to the PEB on the 26 of September and they started processing it on the 3rd of October. I was told it has been sitting on the presiding officers desk for the last 2 weeks waiting to be finalized. Any idea what...
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