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    please help

    I have signed my findings and was found unfit for ptsd. 6 weeks ago I got a Publix intoxication and the command I am tad with said I was fine. My main command is not threatening to administer discharge me and is making me return back from terminal leave... any thoughts on if I'll receive my...
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    Got My Findings! Timelines

    Navy East Coast August 2nd put on med board September 5 VA exams 25th November received VA diagnosis findings sent to PEB 7th January found unfit sent to VA 9th February VA done with ratings sent back to PEB 24th March Findings are in 50% DOD TDRL 80% VA unfit PTSD was my medical unfit Only...
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    True Update

    It doesn't matter your coast or how many VA issues you put in. Every case time line is different. Please listen to me but follow your buddies on their time lines. They are all different so hunker down and have patience. Listen to advice from the old timers on here but don't follow a user's...
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    timeliness update

    My package hit the VA on 9February. My ebenefitz status is preperation for decision. I called the VA and they said my proposed rating going to the PEB is 80% but they forgot to add in Sleep Apnea at 30%. The VA is not disappointing me they are moving quick.
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    Update 4 Navy East Coast Peeps

    So I started my Board in august 2015. C&P exams completed in September. VA packet signed on 26th November. January 2nd unofficially found unfit. 9th of February VA received my package from PEB The update I have is from the time the VA receives your packet to the time you receive your...
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    Virginia Time line ?

    Found out today that the VA received my package from the DOD on the 9th of February! I assume this means I was found unfit by the DOD or I never would have reached the VA for ratings. Can anyone please tell me a time line on when I should get my proposed ratings? I am 100 days into the 120...
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    support needed

    Anybody have insight on where I'm at? I have a large family and the future being unknown is bothering me to say the least. AUGUST MED STARTED SEPTEMBER ALL C&P EXAMS COMPLETE NOVEMBER 26TH SIGNED DIAGNOSIS FINDINGS TO SEND TO PEB PEB HAS HAD MY PACKAGE SINCE DECEMBER 7TH December through...
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    QA status unfit is it real

    I see a member was in QA status and found unfit. My peblo and peb advisors told me I'm found unfit because I'm in QA pre va.... what's the truth?
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    East Coast Update

    An update for you guys. I speak directly to DC Peb and Providence VA with my case so my Intel is solid. My package went up in November and my unfit was found the 2nd of January. My package is still QA at the peb and hasn't even been sent to the VA. The holidays and snow slowed everything...
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    payment question ?

    50% dod 80% VA with 8 years in service 2500 month base pay. Spouse 3 children. What should I be at? Thank you
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    Timeline Help

    My ebenefits says estimated completion June 2016- January 2017. Is this serious? C&P exams October November Diagnosis Findings Signed 2nd January PEBLO told me I was found unfit by the PEB and I'm in QA pre VA status Is that VA estimated completion date serious? Any suggestions I'll take...
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    Found unfit 1st of January. Put my house on the market and it sold in 2 weeks full offer so we wouldn't fall into a mortgage crisis. Navy move won't let me use my move without orders so now I'm out of pocketing a PODS with my wife who is due in March with our 2 sons back to our hometown in the...
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    QA status folk

    Post how long your QA status took until the Chiefs called you in to sign your findings. If you don't know QA is basically the date you were found unfit and the package was sent to the VA. My peblo told me it's a 60-90 days wait but the JAG Attorney told me 6 weeks.
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    found unfit passing info

    I was found unfit. Time line given for dod/VA compensation 3-5 months. If anyone thinks it will come sooner please make my day better. Just passing along the intel. Yes 3-5 month wait to find out % after being found unfit.
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    post review times

    Post up the time it took to be found unfit/fit with ratings after you signed your findings and sent the packet to DC.
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    keep pushing

    I see a lot of posts from people thinking about dropping their MED Board to get out. Have patience keep your head low and push through it. My timeline: July placed on MED Board September VA Exams November last week signed diagnosis VA Findings January under review for unfit/fit and VA is...
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