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    ARC DES Issues with Congressman Wittman: 7 May 10

    i am fighting the same battle. i have thousands of dollars in medical bills due to outside referrals while on LOD and INCAP status. i continue to forward all bills to my unit, yet nothing gets done. it's almost to the point where this is going to affect my near perfect credit rating. i have...
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    Unemployment Disability Pay questions

    have you given any thought about soial security? if you have any questions about SS let me know. good luck!
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    How to get to the MEB/PED

    wwife, does he have any LOD's (Line of Duty Determinations) done for any of these conditions?
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    been off-line for a while

    hey guys, hope all is well here. i've been off-line for a while. my stuff is basicaly done. got my retirement orders (oct 24'th). just waiting on my 214. i just wanted to let you guys know i'm back and if i can be of assistance to anyone here, feel free to contact me. just wanted to...
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    If Your Case is Complicated, Consider an MEB's a great one

    so very true. i'm sure there r many great jag's out there, but if you caan afford it, i would highly consider it. i did and it was the est decision i have made. this is your life and the career in someone else's hands. it's kind of like getting a pulic defendor if you have the funds to get...
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    well my MEB came back (submitted mid march). it came back 60% perm combined 40% back and 30% pain/anxiety. kind of a screwy rating. they did not address my OSA or neuro issue. i'm already getting 60% from the VA without my back and that's for PTSD: 50% and tinnitus: 10%. i already have...
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    Stuck in the black hole of MEB's

    i'm in the same boat as you. also injured in aug 06. fell through the cracks of the DES. i was orgionally on orders and placed on INCAP in 08, where i remain today. my stuff was submitted to the IPEB in march 2010 and was told it would take 4 months to process. like you i was retired by...
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    informal rating

    armyof1, congrats bro, u deserve it. i would use thes next couple of years working on your VA claim and social security, which can be done. i did it but it took years and you have the time now. if u need any help or advice w/that let me know. good luck and dont be a stranger here.
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    Air Force March IPEB Packages

    still nothing on my mid march case, but my VA claims started to come through. jan i had a comp & pen for hearing/tinnitus, got my results back w/in a month (feb) 0% hearing loss and 10% tinnitus. then in feb i had another comp & pen for PTSD, once again i got my results back w/in a month-march...
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    Air Force Reserve Improper INCAP Pay - Is This Problem Common?

    if you guys need any help or assistance w/INCAP issues, please let me know. i was injured in the LOD in aug 2006, kept on orders until oct 2008, where i remain to date. i just did my 100'th extension, since it's only good for 6 months. i have done everything correctly to the tee, throughout...
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    Outcome of IPEB, should I request formal PEB?

    jBALLS, CONGRATS!!! but don't stop there. get yourself a good VSO and start your appeals. if you need some reccomendations, let me know. no where to go but up from here :)
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    STOP-LOSS application approved

    did you expect anything less :) i was just surprised when mine was initially processed so quick. but i will believe it when i have cash in hand, cause it did say that "DFAS believes that they MAY OWE me.
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    Reserve Components: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force -- chance to be heard

    i added my 2 cents and i hope other in the same boat as us do. way to go doug!!!
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    PEB Forum is Three Years Old!!

    well put time flys when you are getting boned by the DES ;) i honsetly don't know where i'd be w/out this site. many thanks to jason, mike and all the other mods and members that have kept me in the fight and "some-what" sane throught the past 3-4 years. we can only go up from...
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    Welcome our new Moderator, Ruptured Duck!

    way to step up, many thanks!!!
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    Had a Spinal Fusion (L3/4, L5/S1), now what?

    remember...when you have your ROM conducted, don't let them BS you into going as far as you can and beyond the onset of pain. stop or just go to the onset of pain.
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    STOP-LOSS application approved

    i just wanted to update you guys regarding the Stop-Loss application for compensation. i sent in my app about a week and a half ago along w/my DD-214. i was upposed to get out of AD in jan 2002 and got stop-lossed until april 2002. the form was like 1 page very basic/easy to fill out...
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    PTSD Denied...appealed..and denied...what to do

    are you going @ your case alone or are you using a VSO? i had tons of issues w/my claims, first using the VFW and then the DAV. since i switched to the Military order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) i have had 2 of my claims approved and rated @ 60%. i'm still waiting on 3 of my major claims to...
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    My Psychotherapist thinks I'm "CLINICALLY FINE" ?????????

    i had the same issue when i 1'st started treatment. i was so pissed w/the doc, i stopped going to to the naval hospt. and enrolled w/the VA and the VA's vet's center. it was the best thing i ever did. there should be zero stress/frustration when dealing w/mental health issues. all i ever...
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    Just Starting Med Board Process

    coastie, yes you can apply for VA comp. if you are moving along w/the MEB and it appears that you will be found UNFIT, i would suggest you initiate you app w/the VA. the link is below my signature. remember Social Security is another option. i would also apply for SS around the same time...
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