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  1. Otlander

    I was a judge advocate

    I was a judge advocate
  2. Otlander

    Looking for a Job since March 2015

    Looking for a Job since March 2015
  3. Otlander

    Medically Retired

    Medically Retired
  4. Otlander

    Got my DA199 and Ratings. Big thanks to everyone on here

    Well technically I was not in the WTU so it should work the same.
  5. Otlander

    Got my DA199 and Ratings. Big thanks to everyone on here

    I was given 30 days PTDY 20 + 10 and allowed to use my 93 days of leave with an extension request. i had to fill out the packet my transition unit gave me and attached is a sample they gave me. I was also given 10 days to clear.
  6. Otlander

    Trying to find memo on this website for beh health pcs move

    The attached may be what you are referencing
  7. Otlander

    Received VA rating while in the Reserves.

    Attached is an IDES briefing from two years ago for USAR Soldiers so it may help you understand the process.
  8. Otlander

    Received VA rating while in the Reserves.

    Well one way might be to have your VA doctors help you fill out the attached paperwork and follow the instructions and submit it through your chain of command or directly to the RSC's surgeon our through your next PHA doctor's appointment.
  9. Otlander

    Started MEB but now new Symptoms

    I am not sure this applies in your case, but my PEBLO sent me the attached memo when I was considering surgery as I was going through the IDES process.
  10. Otlander


    I was just told my doctor last week that a new change is that you will be seen for a minimum of three years of the five years in the TDRL process. I don't know if that is true but it sounds like they are trying to shorten the five to three but also mandate three years. My doctor said he just...
  11. Otlander

    Any advantage to 15 years active? please help

    If you were a TPU in the USAR, 15 years is the magic number where you qualify for medical retirement. USAR PAM 600-5 1. Unit must verify that Soldier has at least 15, but less than 20, qualifying years of service for retired pay before requesting early retirement. When documented, Soldier...
  12. Otlander

    Need answer?

    Attached is ALARACT 159-2012 published by the Army for implementing guidance concerning Chronic Adjustment Disorder. In a section dealing with Soldiers facing admin separation, the ALARACT says REGARDLESS OF WHEN THE MEDICAL DETERMINATION IS MADE, EITHER BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER INITIATION OF...
  13. Otlander

    weight control program ?

    The United States Army Reserve Command just published the attached training packet on separating Soldiers for APFT failure and height/weight failure and in the USAR PAM they state that your Command cannot separate you if you have a medical condition that is causing the height/weight issues as...
  14. Otlander

    IPEB decision is in I have a question

    I think you are correct. It sounds like they may have made a mistake. VA will conduct and prepare rating decisions for veterans who were temporarily retired for disability in accordance with VA laws and regulations. On request from the Military Department, VA will provide a copy of the most...
  15. Otlander

    IDES question

    Everyone's case is probably different. At Fort Belvoir, the second doctor signed my permanent profile on 21 March 2013 and my PEBLO contacted me on 29 March 2013.
  16. Otlander

    IDES question

    Do you see anything yet on the IDES dashboard?
  17. Otlander

    Terminal leave denied

    I believe PTDY is permissive temporary duty and the 10 days is regular temporary duty to give you time to out-process (neither are charged against your leave days).
  18. Otlander

    MEB just starting with my new P3 profile

    In my case, my PEBLO scheduled me an appointment with a VA representative down the hall from him and the VA representative assisted me with listing all my claims shortly after my MEB/PEB process started.
  19. Otlander

    SECDEF directs additional consideration of PTSD by Boards for Correction of Military/Naval Records

    This directive implements supplemental guidance to the Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA) regarding requests to upgrade discharges by veterans claiming PTSD. It augments the ARBA processes outlined in cited references.
  20. Otlander

    Article on ABCMR

    I took a SALT course a few months back and one of the ABCMR attorneys spoke and said "Always ask for a personal appearance. It doubles your chances of success."
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