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    Scaadl-tell me all about it

    Hi Folks, Can someone give me the details on scaadl? I understand the program (so I thought). Husband is in the wounded warrior program. I asked our manager about it and it's felt almost 'secretive' since. They reluctantly gave us the form. No real discussion but wanted to know "how I found...
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    Urinary/Bladder ratings

    Just curious here. My husband's urology medical records list so many diagnostic codes. Some are: neurogenic bladder nocturia urinary frequency BPH stage 1 voiding obstruction history of urethral stricture (fixed 20 years ago) How are these all rated? I sort of understand pyramiding so I am...
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    Husband is AD, on limited duty for 6 months. Just was approved to the wounded warrior program-Cat 2. The WW lady came to see us, and handed us the SSDI application. He's making O-5 pay, significantly over what is authorized as SGA. I realize though that SS office should not take that salary into...
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    Can you file for SSDI and get retirement?

    We're new to this. Husband has been in for 20 yrs (almost) so he'll get his retirement pension. Does the pension disqualify the SSDI? He won't be able to work when he gets out, he can barely work now and I drive him to/fro and help support him when he brings work home (like type for him etc)...
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    Questions about MS and the med board process

    Hello everyone. My husband has 19.5 yrs in. 18 mo ago he was diagnosed with MS. He started a DMD and continued his work (shore/office). Recently he had a bad flare up and has been on con leave for 10 weeks now. The med board process is starting. I've tried to read what I can here and learn as...
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    Very confused with process-Help!

    My husband is at 19 yrs 6 months now. June 1 2017 would be his full 20, for transfer of benefits for the GI bill , he needs to stick it out through 1 aug 2017. He has several issues going on, diagnosed with MS, has anxiety, depression, currently doing PT 3x/week etc, currently on convalescent...
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