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  1. RayH


    Results, finally!:) It has been a long wait. Although the IPEB had my MEB package for two months, it wasn' logged in until a month later. They received it the first week of June but it wasn't logged for review until the first week of July. It took 31 days to make a decision. I received an email...
  2. RayH


    Useful link CGPC: Administration Division (CGPC-adm-1)
  3. RayH


    I thought this would useful information for Coasties. The Physical Disability Evaluation System FAQ
  4. RayH

    Immunosuppressive drugs

    Is taking immunosuppressive drugs ratable when taking them for Arthiritic diseases as they are for skin diseases? 7816 Psoriasis: More than 40 percent of the entire body or more than 40 percent of exposed areas affected, or; constant or near-constant...
  5. RayH

    Possible MED Board?

    I am currently a reserve on Active Duty. I have been on AD since 9/2006. This is the same time I had a serious bout of Iritis. Blood work was ordered and it was discovered I was positive for HLA-B27. I am in the DC area so I went to Bethesda for eye care and then onto a rheumy. I was diagnosed...
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