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    Got my findings back today!

    Woohoo! Should be outta here no later than Halloween!
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    Marines! Quality assurance review

    Does anyone know from experience how long "quality assurance" review takes at PEB?
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    Marine Corps timeline

    January- began PEB process. February- VA exams March 20- package sent off to PEB March 29- found unfit, package sent to VA for ratings May 29- VA ratings complete, sent off to the PEB July 9- PEB receives packet from VA As of now, my case is in a quality assurance check with the PEB Apparently...
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    Physical evaluation board-PTSD and MDD

    I had my first meeting with my peblo today. My psychiatrist referred me to the peb today and I was wondering how long until I'm out of the service. Please, someone give me a realistic idea. Best and worse case scenario! Thank you Brian
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