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  1. RayH


    Mike, So far I only got an email from the board, as soon as I get the results package I will get the info to you.
  2. RayH


    Results, finally!:) It has been a long wait. Although the IPEB had my MEB package for two months, it wasn' logged in until a month later. They received it the first week of June but it wasn't logged for review until the first week of July. It took 31 days to make a decision. I received an email...
  3. RayH

    legal review

    Kaeden, Hello fellow Coastie. I was told that they allow themselves 90 days from your acceptance to the discharge date. I believe that they hold pretty close to that. PERSCOM did tell me in some extreme circumstances they can cut orders in a week. Don't know what they are. How long did it take...
  4. RayH

    PEB victory. I am now retired. Thanks Jason

    Nick, congratulations on your outcome. I too, think Jason's advise and help is priceless. I take my hat off to him.
  5. RayH

    Results are back!

    That is great news. Take care.
  6. RayH

    Hip Replacement Question

    Congratulations! Another one in the thumbs up column. This site is a great benefit to all of us.
  7. RayH

    New information

    UTBAS, I agree with the others, take the 30% and fight later. Like the old saying goes, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.
  8. RayH

    Oversight hearing: Update on VA and DOD Cooperation and Collaboration

    Mike, It's great that they are having to provide answers. Lets hope that the members deserving a rating >30% get theirs. 95% is a better track history than in the past (26%).
  9. RayH


    Useful link CGPC: Administration Division (CGPC-adm-1)
  10. RayH


    Jason, This is a great reference. Is it correct to say this is only a reference? The USCG usually goes along with the DOD on most things. I have been waiting for my Dr to write up the MEB report since my complete physical on 24Mar and me completing follow up visits with other Dr's. I have...
  11. RayH

    Back injuries

    Welcome Chinook, we are glad to have you. Your questions will get a lot of attention and good responses. Being boarded as a reservist, you shall not be treated any different. All members go through the same process. If you have 8 years or more of active duty then they cannot find anything EPTS...
  12. RayH

    NOD Response - Partial Success -The Beat Goes On

    Mike, Congrads on your bump up for the migranes. I hope that the other issues are resolved in your favor. Your continued fight for yourself and the rest of us with an arthiritic disease is very much appreciated. Keep up the good fight! I will be joining you on that fight once I get through the...
  13. RayH


    Thanks guys, that helps.
  14. RayH


    Jason, So that would be for an exmaple, 20% left then 20% right plus 10%. 100%-20%= 80%. 80%-20%= 64% then 64%-10%=57.6%. leaving you with 42.4% disabled?
  15. RayH


    How are ankles evaluated? Say, if you have limited ROM in both ankles due to arthiritis. V/r Ray
  16. RayH

    Eight year rule

    Does the eight years have to be consecutive? As for many reserves, the eight years would come in 1-2 year chunks.
  17. RayH

    Military Health System News

    Mike, Good reading. The photo also. Keep up the good fight. I hope we all can join in for the cause. Did you get my PM? Ray
  18. RayH

    Immunosuppressive drugs

    Robs42, Thanks for the support. Thanks for moving the link. Ray
  19. RayH

    Immunosuppressive drugs

    Jason, As always, thanks. Once I get my copy of the NARSUM, I will review and see what is placed in it. Most likely I will have questions?
  20. RayH

    Immunosuppressive drugs

    Jason, Mike, anyone, During the process I will have a chance to submit a statement as it is written in the regs...... You will be provided a copy of the board’s report unless the information contained in the report might have an adverse effect on your physical or mental health. At this...
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