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    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    They said they’re closing for the end of year 1099 tax forms. If you don’t have it now you’re going to have to wait until next year.
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    Im so confused about CRSC payment

    Oh and no.. You medical retirement money from DFAS was probably waived during election to receive Va benefits because they’re usually more money. The CRSC is supposed to replace “the portion of that money that is connected to combat related injury”..... I think; Ask Ron he knows everything about...
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    My CRSC timeline

    They (DFAS) told me they have to send my audit to VA. They said VA owes me money for retro as well. Rep told me DFAS does all the auditing for VA. Sometimes they find out that VA owes money to people through auditing procedures.
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    Retro Pay timeline.

    I’m in the fight with you all. Sep-2016 Applied CRSC Sep-2017 CRSC denied Sep-2018 CRSC won on appeal (end of the month) Nov 1- First CRSC pay (MyPay statement came on 24th Oct.) Nov 30- 2nd CRSC pay Still waiting on retro from 2014
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    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    Thank you. All your comments in the forum and knowledge about the process has help me.
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    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    No not that the “first in first out” protocol isn’t being followed. The audits are done by computer first then assigned to a person for final approval of the audit. Is that correct?
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    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    Even after it’s been “assigned to a person”?
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    Received my CRSC Approval letter today.

    I haven’t seen 1 example here where backpay has taken longer than 30 days. Anybody?
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