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    When does severance pay get paid out?

    yes my separation date was 30 Aug 17 my severance pay hit 31 Aug 17 usually its not long as of lately everyone I know have been getting severance within 5 days of separation date not transition leave but actual separation date
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    My Case Timeline

    How long did it take you to get severance/final paycheck?
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    Recoupment of Seveance: help

    That is great happy for you if you don't mind me asking how long did it take for you to get severance pay?
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    Severance pay

    Have you got severance pay yet if so how long did it take?
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    Orders anyone??

    thank you I actually got it yesterday
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    Orders anyone??

    Is the LOR emailed to you with a NLT date?
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    after LOR (Letter of Release)

    Quick question how did you receive LOR mail, email etc
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    Recent PDA Timeline

    I have a question just talked to PDA they say my packet is currently with an analyst and is being processed does this mean I am close to getting orders or do they say that to everyone just to get them off the phone any information is greatly appreciated
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