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    How long before you hear from PEBLO?

    The VA finished my ratings on 7 Mar, and on the website it says my claim is closed (finally!) I was wondering, how long has it taken to hear from your PEBLO to sign ratings?
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    Any experience with an expedited MEB

    My MEB is being expedited, right now I’ve been waiting on ratings. Anybody have experience on it actually being quicker when it’s expedited or is it pretty much the same... I had my C&P exams Dec 5. Thank you
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    Expedited MEB

    I saw the VA for my C&P exams on Nov 27, Dec 3 and 5. My package was submitted to the PEB on Jan 2; however, my doctor wrote a letter for the process to be expedited. PEBLO said my package would be at the top of the stack rather than the bottom. As of right now, I’m waiting for my ratings. Does...
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