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    Final timeline (ft benning)

    Okay, so I'm finally done, I'm so happy, it seems like its been forever, and it was super slow at first, but I really lucked out after my narsum was done and everything went super fast. Thanks to everyone on this site for all the help, and I hope it goes fast for you all. MEB Initiated: 27 Feb...
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    Retirement or VA

    Got my ratings today, 80 DoD 90 VA. I will have 10 years in January, 6.5 years active, the rest NG, Army, E-6 before now an 01E (but they owe me 16 months backpack for the E) and I get promoted to O2E in November. I should start my terminal leave next month (35 days with pTdy.) . My question is...
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    Okay, So the VA finished my ratings 11 Sep, and the PEB IN Texas go them and checked them in as of 13 Sep.... My question is, how much longer before I sign my DA 199? I'm really hoping to be signing out on terminal leave next month sometime. My PEBLO said hw was going to try to hurry them....
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    Fort Sam PEB

    Ok, so my PEBLO told me he sent my packet to the ft sam PEB on 6 AUG... I tried to ask him if he could see if it was "checked in" rather than just received... he said he has no way of knowing. I tried to contact the MSC to see if he would check, no answer, no call back. Does anyone know a...
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    Ft Benning Timeline

    Okay, I'll start off by saying this whole MEB process is completely terrible, and a lot of people need to be fired. I should have been referred to MEB in NOV 11 but it took them til 26 Feb to actually do it. The only reason my stuff has been going as fast as it has (though i'm still very...
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    from WTU to CBWTU?

    I'm an active duty 2LT at Ft benning.... I was injured in 2008 and re injured myself in my IBOLC class. I was just approved to start the MEB process. My question is, if i get transferred into the WTB or WTU, could i get transferred to the CBWTU in Arkansas? My MEB is for feet issues, and...
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    Please help me!!

    Ok, so I've been having a really big problem with my medical care at ft benning. I hurt my feet in Iraq in 2008 and have recently re-injured them while training at IBOLC. They started hurting while I was about to finish the course, and was recycled BC of it. They did a bunch of X-rays and mri's...
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