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  1. AmyGallay

    Scheduled a "VES" appointment. What the heck is that?

    I received a very vague email. Had to google the doctor to even see what kind of doctor he was! What the heck. I thought it was spam at first. What is wrong with people. A profession email should state who you are, why you need me, what I need to do, and the reason for it. Are they just...
  2. AmyGallay

    1099 Tax for has wrong code!

    My 1099 has my distrabution code as 7 - Normal. Shouldn't be 3- Disablilty? Also, they did not retro act my VA rating to my Dod retirement pay. So my whole pay is deemed taxable income!!! What they heck! They never do anything right. Who is supposed to correct this?
  3. AmyGallay

    PTSD and Depression, How do you get your family to understand what you are going through?

    How do you get your family to understand? I feel like I'm falling apart, and all I get is a "snap out of it" or "it's just an excuse". I'm to the point I don't want to be around anyone anymore.
  4. AmyGallay

    ****Can someone help explain this VA email to me please?****

    Recently you requested assistance from VA. Below is our response. If you wish to reopen this issue, you may do so within the next 14 days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Discussion Thread Response via Email (Department of Veterand Affairs) 12/10/2013 12:33 PM Dear...
  5. AmyGallay

    VA Ratings and IU Question Along With Some CRSC

    Ranger, How long does it take for the "offset" to start? And how do I get my taxes back from last year of not having the offset? Thank you!
  6. AmyGallay

    How long did your IU review last?

    How long did they review IU before making a decision?
  7. AmyGallay

    Finally received VA ratings after medically retiring 26 months ago!!!

    So I found the break down of my ratings: 90% overall PTSD- 50% 11/01/11 combat related Fibro- 40% 11/01/11 Right Upper Radiculapathy- 20% 11/01/11 Cervical stenosis- 20% 11/01/11 TMJ- 20% 4/12/13 Thoracumbular sprain- 10% 11/01/11 PCOS- 10% 4/12/13 Migraine/TBI- 0% GERD- 0% Anemia- 0% Not...
  8. AmyGallay

    PTSD and Alcohol Dependency

    How does alcohol dependency affect your PTSD rating? I also found this online for C&P terminology for rating: "is due to" (100% sure) "more likely than not" (greater than 50%) "at least as likely as not" (equal to or greater than 50%) "not at least as likely as not" (less than 50%) "is...
  9. AmyGallay

    This is never going to end...

    I was just booked for ANOTHER C&P appointment. It's not until the end of November. It is for Dental. If I have document TMJ, have had 3 mouth guards over the last 8 years and had x-rays done at my C&P physical 1 in September showing I have it, why do I have to go to dental to prove it? Sigh...
  10. AmyGallay

    Help!!! Please!!! JASON?

    I finally got on my ebenefits for the first time since I got out of the military, 2 years ago this month. "Under details of your claim"- it has all of my claims but also non-service connected pension, individual unemployment. And it also lists my estimated claim completion date as: 09/24/2014...
  11. AmyGallay

  12. AmyGallay

    the Veterans Crisis Line received more than 890,000 calls
  13. AmyGallay

    Has anyone been rated for more than one Mental Health condition?

    Has anyone been rated for more than one Mental Health condition? Just wondering if the VA is going to try to clump everything all together. I get my C&P notes for my MH exam tomorrow.
  14. AmyGallay

    VA Rating Question. Do you receive a break down of each conditions and each rating?

    Do you receive a break down of each condition and each rating when the VA rating is sent to you?
  15. AmyGallay

    Final C&P tomorrow! How long was your wait for a rating after completion?

    I have my 3rd and final C&P tomorrow. A 4 hour appointment with MH. How long after C&P completion did you get your rating? Anyone? Thanks!
  16. AmyGallay

    IU conditions vs 100% rating?

    If conditions qualify you for IU, but you also hit 100% rating through the VA, Do you have to stay on IU status?
  17. AmyGallay

    Incorrect info in my C&P? Help, how to fix this for rating?

    I found incorrect info in my C&P after it was performed. For one of my contitions, PCOS- there is a box to check, did member have a laporoscopy performed to prove condition. Doctor clicked no, when I told her I did have one performed, and a special ultrasound to diagnose me. She...
  18. AmyGallay

    STM help...

    I read that SMT does not have to have evidence for VA rating. I was raped at TI school. I reported it to my instructor, who did nothing! And broke down and told my father. I've talked about it to 4 counselors at 5 bases and had it documented for 4 bases I went to see mental health. For...
  19. AmyGallay

    WTH! Cleveland VA?

    I've called over half a dozen times in the past 6 months, trying to figure out if they have my AD medical records. Half my claims are being dated from 2012, when they were going on since 2009. They state missing Vol 2 of 3, but hello, electronic AHLTA- you have over 90% of it on the CD you...
  20. AmyGallay

    Help please! 19 months and still waiting on VA rating!

    I retired 01 Nov 2011. VA Cleveland acknowledged 9 claims Jan 2012. Waited until last week. Nothing this whole time. When I call, they tell me nothing except "all we can say is it normally takes 10 months." Well I've been waiting 19 months, I can count. So finally last week I added my missing 18...
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