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    VA claim (C&P) exam resumption

    Map of areas for C&P rescheduling , zip code look-up.
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    Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR)

    If requesting for correction to unfitting DOD conditions %, increased by the VA rating increases, recent post discharge, BCNR seems appropriate. However, are there any risks associated with asking them to reconsider your DOD %? Such as take conditions away, revert from PDRL to TDRL, etc...
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    CRSC Timeline--Dept of Navy

    Hello All, I just wanted to see your recent timelines for CRSC adjudications; specifically DON applications. Below is where I am: 1/10/2017: Mailed CRSC application 1/13/2017: Application Delivered via Certified Mail 1/23/2017: Received email from CRSC board acknowledging application...
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    TBI Rating Appeal (NOD) or Reconsideration

    I received a proposed rating for TBI at 0%. If this stays the same on final award letter, I'd like to do a NOD or Reconsideration, mainly since it's a CRSC eligible item. I noticed the following for the VA's rules: "assign the overall percentage evaluation based on the level of the highest...
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    New unfitting condition not yet rated from VA, VARR possible?

    At the FPEB they found another condition to be unfitting. This condition was not yet rated by the VA due to the lack of information (incompetent C&P Dr.) during IPEB. I had another set of DBQs filled out to get them the information needed submitted via a VARR, for the original unfitting...
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    Signing findings until EAS posting

    Can anyone share the date of signing the findings, EAS, & # of days of leave on the books when signing. The official answer is EAS will based on days of leave on books @ signing + 20 PTAD = New EAS date. However, it seems the trend here lately is within 60 days or as little as 30.
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    FPEB @ Washington Navy Yard

    Hello all, In about 10 days I'll be heading to the FPEB, does anyone who has "been there, done that" have any words of wisdom or advice with the hindsight being 20/20?
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    PLD Approval Chances

    Has anyone out there heard of people getting a short term (less than 1 yr) Permanent Limited Duty approved? It's an option for unfit members, just trying to see its likelihood of being a real option.
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    Ebenefits Upload Files Date Change

    I was on ebenefits today and noticed a few docs uploaded last month had their date changed to today 2/2 (date of upload). Does this mean anything or is this some type of system glitch?
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    MEB/NARSUM Review & Pending Surgery (for board able condition)

    So it seems my MEBLO said they would hold off mailing my package until after my recovery period 3 weeks ago. Then I got a call today to look over the package Tues, with surgery scheduled Thursday! This seems so jacked up it's unreal. What can I do to hold off the mailing like they "promised"?
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    Marine Timeline Camp Pendleton, CA

    Well, it's finally begun. It seems to be very quick thus far, below is my current timeline: Jul 13 PEB drafted Jul 17 PEBLO Counseling, VA MSC Intake, VA Claim made Jul 24 C&P's received via FEDEX Aug 1, 1st C&P exam Aug 20 Last C&P exam
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