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  1. Munashiimaru

    Is postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome ratable?

    My sinus tachycardia was apparently not ratable. I had a tilt table test today and believe I met the criteria for POTS (heart rate went from 90s to 120s and became light headed) although the tech would only say a physician would make the determination. I've seen people here rated for sinus...
  2. Munashiimaru

    Just received my ratings (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome/Migraines/Depression/hypothyroidism)

    PEBLO just messaged me letting me know I got 60% DoD 90% VA. While I'm far from upset, I'm oddly not happy either. Kind of just making everything sink in on how messed up I am now, and I was just reflecting on the fact that no one would hire someone that's gimped most days of the week before I...
  3. Munashiimaru

    When can we PCS

    I'm in the process of being med boarded. Been found unfitting and a couple of months into waiting for initial ratings. I'm just wondering when I'll be able to do my final PCS. I'm actually staying semi-close (within 50 miles probably), but I want to use it to break my lease (I made a really...
  4. Munashiimaru

    Adj Disorder changed to depression nos

    Military side put into VA for Adjustment disorder with depressed mood. I got my C&P exam back and the examiner wrote that depression nos was more appropriate. I'm more and more finding it hard to believe a person that talked to me for 30 minutes knows better than the people I've been seeing...
  5. Munashiimaru

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

    I was diagnosed with EDS Hypermobility type about a year and a half ago. Wondering what others opinions on possible ratings for this is. I'm guessing it'll need to be broken down by symptoms, which joint pain is the one primarily crippling me. However, my joint flexibility is beyond human...
  6. Munashiimaru

    Disputing C&P exam

    Peblo gave me my C&P exam report, and there's a lot of things in it I'm in disagreement with including things like saying I have no scoliosis when I was diagnosed with one two years ago and repeatedly afterward. I asked the peblo how to dispute it and she said I'd have to take it up with my VA...
  7. Munashiimaru

    Gender dysphoria mid med board

    So I have a friend with Gender issues who is currently getting med boarded for other issues (recently had VA exams). They were able to get therapy through EAS temporarily, but has since switched to military doctors. If they started bringing up their issues in therapy sessions is it likely...
  8. Munashiimaru

    Letter of Exception

    Wasn't sure where to post this so I'm going here. I'm going to be submitting my letter of exception and I was wondering if there was anyone here willing to read it over and tell me if it's ok. I don't want to post it to the thread though so I'll send it to anyone willing.
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