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  1. Clay

    I wonder what the rating will be for...

    There are three or so different levels of Sleep Apnea that they end up looking at. One of them is non retainable. Hope that helps.
  2. Clay

    After PEB

    So I finished my PEB on the IDES system and was out of the Army on the 8th. I have still yet to hear anything from the VA side of the house for Compensation and my ebenefits still says Pending decision approval. I'm in a tight spot and am going to need that money since I'm finding out I can't do...
  3. Clay

    Promotion Questions

    I was on automatic integration list to E-5 during my PEB. I separated as SGT and was given my severance pay at E-5 pay
  4. Clay


    I agree with devildog on this one. I was honest from the very start. My unit was more than accommodating to that notion, although some are not, but that is a different matter. If you want out let it be known, on paper. They ask for a reason.
  5. Clay

    Response from Arlington takes two weeks, I'm going on five.

    Response from Arlington takes two weeks, I'm going on five.
  6. Clay

    NEW Fort Bliss Timeline

    Sorry to hear you had to do a rebuttle SGT Bob. Hope things get fixed and go quickly for you.
  7. Clay

    Ft. Bliss IDES started 09/27/2011

    Mississippi, Have you got the call back from you PEBLO about your name being on the list so you can start getting orders and outprocess?
  8. Clay

    Physical Evaluation VS Administrate Separation..Help!

    You may be being mislead. Is it the Doctors who are telling you this or is it your Chain of Command? You should be able to get in touch with your local Med Board office and see if they have further guidance. From what it sounds like though if you have to "waive your right to a MEB" you are...
  9. Clay

    Physical Evaluation VS Administrate Separation..Help!

    If it was done by the military docto go for the Medical Board. My ankle surgery was elective but I ended up with complications and did not get better. I knew this was a risk. I am now almost done with my medical board with severance pay, due to my low percentage. The proccess for an MEB is...
  10. Clay


    My CC painted a nice picture saying that I was a hard worker and a great Soldier, but that I did have issues doing typical Soldier tasks. His reccomendation was for unfit so it all worked out. I never understood how CCs have such issues with their own if they are really injured.
  11. Clay

    Physical Evaluation VS Administrate Separation..Help!

    Was this elective surgery done by a military doctor or was it "reffered"/"suggested" by a military doctor?
  12. Clay

    Does Sdr in MEB process need to attend annual training

    Is the Annual Training the 2 weeks thing? If he does have to go it shouldn't be an issue for the soldier because they have a profile that basically isn't going to let them do much of anything from the looks of it. I figure they would find it a waste after a while to have them there. I know on AD...
  13. Clay

    MAR2 to PEB How does this really work??

    If you want to stay in keep that on the tip of your tounge. Let people know. Don't be afraid that the CBH people are civilians, that doesn't mean they don't know what needs to happen for soldiers. Take your decision to Legal. There should be someone either in the Hospital on post in Bamberg that...
  14. Clay

    NARSUM concern

    The comment of him asking you if you wanted to stay in is important though. I noticed things seemed to change when I answered that and my process was a little easier. It may just be the area I was at.
  15. Clay

    Question about "adjustment disorder"

    My CBH provider always stated that my adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression and ADD were all onset in the military but that I was fit for duty. I am not an aviator but was non-rated crew member for some time and it didn't cause issues for me. The CBH on my NARSUM found me fit but I still got...
  16. Clay

    Severance pay seems "off"?

    Even with the money they Tax you should be able to do a memo to get reembursed for that or at least some of it if I am correct.
  17. Clay

    Ft. Bliss IDES started 09/27/2011

    I have not found out any information about that yet.
  18. Clay

    Ft. Bliss IDES started 09/27/2011

    I hope it works out for you man. Let us know how it goes.
  19. Clay

    Ft. Bliss IDES started 09/27/2011

    We have the same exact timeline Mississippi. To a "t". I'm also trying to get things set for school and this is causing some issues. Who is your PEBLO if you don't mind me asking?
  20. Clay

    Fort Bliss Timeline

    I really wish I knew. I'm kind of lost on all of this at this point as well.
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