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  1. Sioux565

    Recently started transition leave.

    Recently started transition leave.
  2. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    W warrior, Did transpoc contact you prior to publishing your orders or did they come down on their own? I think I just hit transpoc. What should I do next? Should I contact anyone or simply wait?
  3. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    How did you know you hit transpoc? My timeline is close to yours and am curious.
  4. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    I started in November 2013. I'm hoping to be on ptdy and terminal leave the first part of August.
  5. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    Congratulations! Please post as your timeline develops. You and I are about the same timeline.
  6. Sioux565

    MEB VA Rating delay

    You are close to my timeline. I had my Unfit memo on 7 May, got my ratings complete on 26 JUN and received DA 199 on 9 JUL. My ratings were done in Seattle. With that, I would believe you should be complete any day. Best of luck and I hope you get your ratings quick. Seattle has gotten much...
  7. Sioux565

    Received DA step.....awaiting orders.

    Received DA step.....awaiting orders.
  8. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    ALCON, Got my DA 199 from the PEB today. Recommended PDRL with 60% DOD and 80% VA. Took 13 days from finished ratings to get the DA 199. I'm satisfied and do not think I will ask for a reconsideration. Should be fast from here until PTDY and terminal leave. I do have over 20 years of...
  9. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    Ebenefits stayed in the review of evidence phase and then went quickly back to gathering evidence-separation docs requested. I have 10 conditions. 3 unfitting.
  10. Sioux565

    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    ALCON, It appears that Seattle is speeding up. I got my VA ratings finished on 26 June from Seattle after only 51 days of waiting. Now I'm just waiting on the DA199. Hope this cheers up some of you out there and hope you get your ratings soon. Sioux565
  11. Sioux565

    Awaiting da199 from peb......

    Awaiting da199 from peb......
  12. Sioux565

    Buying a house...any VA program tips or USAA stories?

    I utilized USAA 5 years ago for a home I purchased, also using my VA Home Loan. Overall it went well. The Movers Advantage Program put me in touch with a good agent. Overall I was very happy. I did refinance that loan two years later as rates dropped. Shop around a little bit just to see if...
  13. Sioux565

    "Pending Decision Approval" for almost a month now...

    Sounds great! You have medical retirement!
  14. Sioux565

    "Pending Decision Approval" for almost a month now...

    From what I understand, it means that your proposed ratings are done at the VA and they sent them back through your branch and to your PEBLO so you can be informed, elect to accept or appeal those ratings. I would definitely call your PEBLO and ask them to look.
  15. Sioux565

    Lost in the sauce

    Be sure fill out an ICE survey as well. My MEB is from Drum also, and I've had problems as well.
  16. Sioux565

    What does the VA receive from the PEB to determine ratings?

    Hello, I recently completed the IPED (found unfit) and had my packet sent to Seattle VA for ratings. My question is "what does the VA receive as part of that packet?" Is it just the med record and VA C and P exams? Or does it include all the documents from the MEB/PEB as well such as the...
  17. Sioux565

    What to expect at the MH VA appt.

    For my situation, it was fairly simple. The evaluation lasted about and hour and twenty minutes. We spent the first 20 minutes discussing my background (married, occupation etc.). The doctor was actually a college instructor doing evaluations on contractor basis. We didn't dig too deep, and...
  18. Sioux565

    Awaiting VA ratings

    Awaiting VA ratings
  19. Sioux565

    CS1 Timothy Lalli introduction

    Welcome CS1 Lalli! You will definitely want to know and stick with your end goal in mind throughout the MEB process. You will find some great information on this site throughout your IDES. It appears your condition has stabilized (over the last 5 months) and you've been able to do good work...
  20. Sioux565

    Timeline Question

    It's good to see someone getting ratings in just over 90 days at VA! Are you Army?
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